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Remo Inc. was founded by Remo Belli in 1957 in North Hollywood, California. Belli, a professional drummer himself, recognized a fundamental problem with traditional drumheads, which were primarily made from animal skin. These skins were sensitive to changes in temperature and humidity, often causing them to detune or even break. It was particularly problematic for touring musicians who had to perform in various environments.

Inspired by the development of synthetic materials during World War II, Belli began experimenting with Mylar, a type of polyester film developed by DuPont. Belli found that Mylar was more durable than traditional materials and had a bright, resonant sound that was attractive to many drummers.

Belli's first product, the WeatherKing drumhead, was made of a Mylar plastic film. Its name was a nod to the fact that the synthetic drumhead could withstand changes in weather conditions without losing its tuning. The WeatherKing drumhead revolutionized the drumming industry and was rapidly adopted by musicians worldwide.

Remo Inc. continued to innovate and expand their product line in the following years. The company introduced various drumhead types, including the Diplomat, Ambassador, Emperor, Controlled Sound, and Pinstripe drumheads, each offering a distinct sound to meet the specific needs of different musicians.

Remo Inc. also expanded into the manufacture of drums, with various world percussion instruments for the Professional, Educational, Recreational, and Music Therapy markets.

In addition to its products for professional musicians, Remo Inc. has also been a leader in developing Drumheads, Drums and Accessories for global percussion industry.

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