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Since our humble beginnings in 2011, Twisted Wood Guitars Ltd. has quietly become the leader for Ukuleles and Weissenborn style guitars in Canada. For nearly 10yrs our instruments have been shipped and played globally. We’re thrilled to meet new musicians every day.

We apply a forward-thinking approach to instrument design and manufacturing. This approach, together with outstanding playability, quality craftsmanship, and stunning aesthetics, are just a few of the reasons some of today’s leading musicians make Twisted Wood their instrument of choice.HOW WE GIVE BACK
Restoring our forests helps wildlife habitat and also helps fight climate change. Our reforestation and carbon offsetting efforts help make cleaner soil, cleaner waterways and shorelines and also help sequester carbon pollution.

Whether being featured in music videos, on-stage, in tv and film, played in classrooms or leading campfire sing-a-longs, our instruments deliver superior resonance and tone.

From beginner instruments to the advanced models, Twisted Wood Guitars can accommodate players of all skill levels.

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