ROSS is a brand many know by name, but few know anything about.

ROSS Electronics was founded by Bud Ross in 1977 during the “Golden Era” of effects, alongside industry giants like MXR, Electro Harmonix, DOD, BOSS and ProCo. ROSS never grew to the success or size of Bud’s previous venture (Kustom Amplification) and eventually the company had to be sold due to financial hardship and poor sales. Changing hands multiple times in the 1980s, ROSS slowly faded from public consciousness, with operations ceasing in the mid-1990s.

Its disappearance is equal parts mysterious and tragic, but over the past two and a half decades interest in ROSS has begun to grow as vintage pedals become sought-after collectibles. Thirty years later, we are thrilled to announce that ROSS Electronics is back.

Historically Simple. Remarkably Useful. 

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