Fishman (established 1981) is an American company based in Andover, Massachusetts. They are known for making guitar pickups and other guitar related equipment. They have been known for specializing in producing equipment involved in the amplification of acoustic guitars and other stringed instruments.

In 1980 Larry Fishman made a prototype acoustic pickup in his basement. By 1981 Fishman had taken orders for pickups from the Guild Guitar Company. In 1982 the C.F. Martin Guitar Company called to order Fishman pickups. With the Martin order, the Fishman company rented a larger manufacturing space. They began making pickups for other music instruments: banjos, mandolins, violins, cellos, basses.

The Fishman company has produced amplifiers and other guitar-related equipment since its beginning in 1981. They have been known for producing high-quality acoustic amplifiers.

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