Dynaudio is a Danish loudspeaker maker, founded in 1977. Dynaudio builds speakers using only their own drivers. Dynaudio has a subsidiary called Dynaudio Acoustics that focuses on professional studio monitor loudspeakers. Dynaudio speakers are installed in more than ten thousand recording studios worldwide and have been chosen as reference monitors by BBC Radio & Music. Dynaudio was previously the OEM audio supplier to Swedish automaker Volvo Cars Corporation, in addition to German automaker Volkswagen. Volkswagen followed Volvo by employing Dynaudio as its OEM speaker maker, but not all Volkswagen models came equipped with Dynaudio Sound Systems. While Volkswagen has switched to a different audio supplier for most of their new vehicles, the Volkswagen Touareg is still available with a Dynaudio sound system from the factory.

Bugatti has also employed Dynaudio as their OEM audio supplier. Bugatti’s Dynaudio system is called The Puccini Sound System.

Dynaudio has also worked with computing OEM Micro-Star International in producing the sound system for their GX660 notebook range, released in 2010. During this time it was allegedly the best audio system available in a notebook computer.

Dynaudio was acquired by Goertek in 2014, and subsequently purchased the Danish audio company AM3D A/S in December 2015.

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