When it all started in 2005, our dream was to create and develop acoustic guitars whose sound, playability and aesthetics would match the talent of the best guitarists and inspire them. Because our roots were in Berthier-sur-Mer, at the heart of the Appalachians, we also dreamed of enhancing the value of the Picea Rubens, commonly known as the Adirondack’s red spruce, a rare wood essence which grows abundantly in our splendid region, known worldwide for its exceptional harmonic qualities. Finally, we dreamed of a high-quality instrument which would bear the name of a goose then reflecting our terroir, where the Picea Rubens grows and where snow geese come to rest during their annual migrations.


Therefore, we gathered a team of passionate craftsmen and luthiers around Robin Boucher to patiently and meticulously make and assemble handcrafted, acoustic guitars with an outstanding sonority. This team, refined and enriched over the years, excels every day with hard work and dedication.

Each of our guitars has its own personality tailored to its musician’s expectations, but all have in common an extraordinary projection, an unparalleled harmonic richness and balance, and a reliable range of frequencies allowing the guitarist to convey his full scope of emotions, from the rawest to the subtlest, to his audience. Many renowned artists in Canada and abroad are pleased to share their unique connection to their Boucher guitar. That is also why our instruments are so appreciated by singer songwriters and performers in search of new inspiration.

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