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Slide Whistle

Easiest of all novelty instruments to play, it has a wide tone range and produces glissando effects. These slide whistles have a tubular body with the exclusive Trophy mouthpiece. Wire assembly is equipped with a leak-proof plunger, measures 9 1/2” overall. "Circus Time" slide whistles are fun for young and old. Slide whistles sold individually.

Trophy Musical Spoons – 3470

Trophy's musical spoons are made of chrome-plated steel to give handsome and durable finish. Two spoons are attached by the handles and come with printed instructions. Join in with a band playing rhythm with the spoons or play as a solo! "Play them on your fingers, elbows, hips or knees!"

Trophy BLS-2

Music Lamp w/bulb Universal

Trophy BLS1

Music Stand Lamp Universal. 

Trophy Guitar Humidifier

Protect your investment! It is essential to maintain a proper moisture level if your guitar is stored in an area prone to severe dryness/and or cold (such as a heated home). Our new guitar case humidifier helps to prevent adverse effects such as bad string action, buzzing, protruding fret ends, cracking, top-sinking, and other damage caused as a result of dryness. Made of soft latex which is harmless to all instrument finishes, these humidifiers release moisture to maintain proper humidity levels. Includes a cover to seal the sound hole during use. Easy to follow instruction and a user friendly humidity gauge are included.