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T-REX Fuel Tank Junior

Fuel Tank Junior is a lean, mean power supply that will handle virtually any 9-Volt effects pedal – and then some. It features 5 isolated outputs that deliver clean, quiet power to your pedals. And it’s switchable between 115 and 230V, so you can use it worldwide. Don’t let the compact size of this unit fool you – Fuel Tank Junior is a real powerhouse!   DON’T LET THE COMPACT SIZE OF THIS UNIT FOOL YOU Voltage selector, 115/230 volts 5 x 9VDC isolated outputs (120 mA each) Connections 5 isolated 9V DC outputs delivering 120 mA each Input mains voltage switchable 115V or 230V mains Cables 1x mains power cable  5x 50cm DC cables with 2,1mm - 2,1mm connectors Pedal size incl. knobs (W x H x D) 105 x 35 x 78 mm / 4,1 x 1,4 x 3 inch Weight excl. battery and packaging 0,470 kg / 18,5 oz

T-REX Fuel Tank Classic

This is the T-Rex Classic FuelTank that has 3 different output sections: 9 volt DC, 12 volt DC and 12 volt AC. Each section is isolated. No more batteries to change. No more tangled cables to trip over. FuelTank is the perfect power supply unit for guitarists who want to focus on their performance, not their gear. Delivering 1.500 mA through ten DC plugs, FuelTank powers all your pedals – keeping you running on full power night after night. With a compact design, FuelTank fits conveniently every pedal board including the T-Rex ToneTrunk effect board. And it comes with all the cables you need to get you up and running. FuelTank delivers 1.500 mA of reliable power. Two of the ten outputs provide 12-volt power with isolated ground – one DC and the other AC, for AC pedals. Connections 8x 9V DC output plugs, all sharing the same ground giving a totoal of 500mA  1x 12V DC output with isolated ground, giving 500mA  1x 12V AC output with isolated ground, giving 500mA Input mains voltage Switchable 115V or 230V mains Cables 1x Red 50cm AC cable with 2,1mm - 2,5mm connectors for use on the 12V AC outlet  1x Blue 50cm AC cable with 2,5mm - 2,5mm connectors for use on the 12V AC outlet  Black 50cm DC cable with 2,1mm DC - 3,5mm mini-jack connectors  Black link DC cable with five 2,1mm - 2,1mm connectors  4x Black 20cm DC cable with 2,1mm - 2,1mm connector  4x Black 50cm DC cable with 2,1mm - 2,1mm connector  Mains power cable Pedal size incl. knobs (W x H x D) 160 x 38 x 80 mm / 6,3 x 1,5 x 3,2 inch Weight excl. packaging 0,800 kg / 28,2 oz

T-REX ToneTrunk 56 Pedalboard

Each ToneTrunk Soft Bag includes one of our pedal boards, made from lightweight, durable aluminum. Our new boards feature a multi-tiered design - the most logical way to mount multiple rows of pedals on a board. No more reaching for a pedal in the back row and accidentally stomping the knobs on the pedal in front.  Now you have easy access to every pedal on your board without the need for additional risers.   ToneTrunk pedal boards feature routing holes for patch cables and power cables, keeping the surface of your board neat and tidy. Each board includes hook-and-loop fastener for mounting your pedals. We don’t pre-mount the fastener to the board, so you get complete control over how and where you apply it. TONETRUNK PEDAL BOARD Lightweight, durable aluminum construction Multi-tiered design offers easy stomping access to entire board Low profile design Pre-drilled for brackets, patch cable routing and mains power cable Sturdy rubber feet prevent sliding during use Includes hook-and-loop tape, cutting tool, zip-ties and allen key TONETRUNK SOFT BAG T-Rex ToneTrunk Soft Cases are perfect for players on the go. They feature two accessory pockets (Minor only one) for cables, strings, accessories, sheet music, etc., and a detachable shoulder strap for easy transport, whether you're traveling by bus, train, car, or foot. Rugged, padded, lightweight bag Detachable shoulder strap Two accessory pockets Padded handle TT SOFT BAG 56 Board & Bag: 2,9kg/104,06oz Board: 1,9 kg / 68,78 oz - 316 x 560 mm / 12.44 x 22.04 in