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Quiklok BX-718

Adjustable Piano and Keyboard Bench

Quiklok BX-8

Small Bench with Extra Thick Cushion

Quiklok BX-14

Large Bench with Extra Thick Cushion

Quiklok DX-749

Height Adjustable Musicians Stool with adjustable Footrest and Back Rest.

Quiklok BZ-7

Rapid Set-up Musician's Seat

Quik Lok – A302 BK


Quiklok LPH003

Free Standing Tripod Base Laptop Holder Can accommodate virtually any size laptop. Four stoppers, adjustable in width and depth, will securely anchor any size laptop, without interfering with input/output ports, expansion slots, cd-rw/dvd drivers, AC adapter sockets placed on either side of the laptop. The laptop tray is height and tilt adjustable and swivels 360 degrees to allow for ideal positioning of the laptop. Equipped with pull out mouse tray that can be positioned on either the right side or the left side of the laptop, and is retractable for easy storage and transport.

Quiklok GS438

Low "A" Frame Universal Acoustic/Electric Guitar Stand

Quiklok BS-317 – Guitar amp stand

Double-Brace, Low Profile Stand for Large Amps and Combos.

Quiklok BS-300

Height Adjustable Near-Field Monitor Stand (sold individually)

Quiklok GI-8 – Guitar Stand

Acoustic, Electric Guitar or Bass Stand.

Quiklok MP892

Small Rubber Mic Clip for WIreless Microphones

Quiklok QL-623

Heavy Duty, Double-Brace "X" with Height & Tilt Adjustable Second & Third Tier

Quiklok PS-25

Sustain Pedal Normally open or closed contacts(function switch). Ideal for all Korg, Casio, Yamaha, Akai, Roland, Ensoniq, Kawai, Studiologic and other electronic keyboards...

Quiklok BX-9

Small bench with compact seat cushion.  

Quiklok GS-350 – Multi Guitars or Bass Stand

Guitar Stand for four acoustics - six electric or bass guitars - or a combination of acoustics and electrics.

Quiklok MS-329 – Large Clamp-on Utility Tray

The Quik-Lok MS-329 large clamp-on utility tray is perfect for mounting on microphone stands or other vertical tubular structures.

Quiklok QL-642

Heavy Duty, Double-Brace "X" with Height & Tilt Adjustable Second Tier

Quiklok S-171

Aluminum speaker stand - sold in pair