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Palatino VA-450 – Allegro Viola Outfit, 16 Inches

Solid Hand Carved Spruce Top Solid Hand Carved Maple Back, Sides & Neck Ebony Fittings Inlaid Purfling Ebony Frog Bow & Featherweight Case

Palatino VN-950 – Anziano Violin Outfit, 4/4 Size

Tightly Grained Select Spruce Top Highly Flamed Maple Back & Sides Hand Carved Flamed Maple Neck & Scroll Grade-A Ebony Fittings Octagonal Brazilwood Bow & Slide

Palatino VB-004 – Upright Bass 3/4

Palatino VB-004 Travel Bass   The best-selling bass in America, the VB-004 features a crack-resistant spruce top with a gracefully designed, arched maple back. The neck is hand carved from solid maple for a great fit. The fingerboard and tailpiece are made from ebonized woods, and the bass comes with German-quality, Tyrolean tuners, with a 24:1 gear ratio. This favorite outfit includes a Mongolian horsehair bow and a DuraGuard nylon bag. This outfit simply can’t be beat for the price!  Top: Spruce Back & Sides: Maple Neck/Scroll Solid Maple Fingerboard: Ebonized Maple Tailpiece: Ebonized Maple Tuners: 24:1 Geared: Tyrolean Bridge: Adjustable Maple Finish: Brown Lacquer

Palatino VB-029 – Upright Bass 3/4 size

Upright Bass 3/4 size Details Solid Hand Carved Spruce Top Flamed Maple Back and Sides Adjustable Rock Maple Bridge Ebony Fingerboard Gamba Corners Tyrolean Tuners Articulated Endpin Padded Carrying Bag Set Up in the U.S.A.

Palatino VN-650 – 4/4 violon kit

Solid Hand-Carved Spruce Top Solid Hand-Carved Figured Maple Back Solid Figured Maple Sides Ebony Fingerboard & Pegs Full Suspension Oblong Case & Pernambuco Octagonal Stick Bow with Parisian Eye & Ebony Frog

Palatino VN-500 – 4/4 violin kit

Solid Hand-Carved Spruce Top Solid Hand-Carved Flamed Maple Back Ebony Fingerboard & Pegs Oblong Case Ebony Frog Round Bow

VB-009 3/4 Palatino Double bass

Flame maple back and sides double bass