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Outlaw Effects Lasso Looper

24 bit, 44kHz looping pedal lets you build multiple layers of guitar sound into rich sonic creations. Generous 10 minutes of recording time and unlimited overdubs. Includes a USB cable for exporting WAV files to a computer and importing them back to the pedal.

Outlaw Effects Quick Draw Delay

Crisp tone with warm repeats that dissolve naturally into your sound. Delay time range from 20ms to 620ms can deliver everything from tight rockabilly slap back sounds to lengthy, ethereal repeats that build into self-oscillation.

Outlaw Effects “KEROSENE” Power Supply

Streamline your pedal board by eliminating individual power cords/wall adapters.   Eight 9V DC outputs, each offering 300mA of current.   Includes:   Eight 21.5" DC connector cables Two 7 ¾" polarity converter cables One 12V DC power adapter