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Markbass Marcus Miller CMD102500 2×10 Combo

This combo features a 500W version of the Little Marcus head, delivering also a highly portable size thanks to its unique and innovative design. The wedge cabinet design allows to use it in an angled position, offering to you the best monitoring on stage. CONTROLS: GAIN MASTER LINE OUT LEVEL MUTE switch EQUALIZATION EQ1 (±16 DB) footswitchable ULTRALOW (Freq. 65Hz) LOW (Freq. 180Hz) MID (Freq. 500 Hz) HIGH MID (Freq. 1.4 KHz) HIGH (Freq. 3.8 KHz) FILTER SECTION EQ2 footswitchable OLD SCHOOL: VARIABLE LOW PASS FROM 20KHZ TO 200HZ MILLERIZER: 5-12 KHZ BAND PASS FILTER (LEVEL 0 /+10 DB) SPEAKER SIZE: 2x10” Markbass Custom + Tweeter Piezo IMPEDANCE: 8Ω POWER HANDLING: 400W RMS (AES STANDARD) CROSSOVER FREQUENCY: 3.5KHz FREQUENCY RESPONSE 40Hz TO 18KHz POWER AMP (MPT): 500W @ 4Ω / 300W @ 8Ω OTHER FEATURES: XLR LINE OUT GND-PRE/POST EQ switches EFFECT SEND/RETURN TUNER OUT FSW input for (optional) footswitch to turn on/off EQ1 and EQ2

Markbass New York 151 Black Cab

The NEW YORK 151 BLACK cab is a practical, smart and inexpensive solution for those who like the sound of 15" speakers in a small-compact package. Its sound is clear and defined with great bottom ends. It can be used alone or along with either the LIttle Mark 250 Black Line Head, the CMD 151 JB Players School or the Mini CMD 151 P combo to create the perfect rig for small/medium/large size gigs. IMPEDENCE: 8 ohms SPEAKER SIZE: 1x15 in. BASS PORT: rear TWEETER: piezo POWER HANDLING: 300W RMS (AES Standard) CROSSOVER FREQUENCY: 3.5 kHz FREQUENCY RESPONSE: 40Hz to 18KHz SENSITIVITY: 100 dB SPL    

Markbass CASA Micheal League Signature Head

Solid state preamp, complete EQ section The MARKBASS CASA's solid-state preamp has a warm and natural sound, and faithfully reproduces the true tone of your instrument, the treble and bass basic tone controls offers great ‘plug&play’ and thanks to the complete and effective 5 band EQ section you can have a wide range of tones, allowing instant access to two different EQ settings as it’s footswitchable—a very useful feature for live applications. MPT - Mark Proprietary Technology Markbass products are known for their clarity and loyalty to the source of sound. People often use words like warm, punchy, clear, honest, accurate- even aggressive to describe Markbass. They also say that Markbass amps allow them to sound like themselves! What is our secret? MPT (MARK PROPRIETARY TECHNOLOGY)! About all the bass amps on the market use the same power amp from different manufacturers, which are not specificically designed for bass. At Markbass, Marco De Virgiliis invested a lot of resouces in R&D to develope a proprietary power amp technology, specifically designed to respect and glorify the tone of your instrument. The MARKBASS CASA’s 500-watt MPT power amp supplies great attack and definition with impeccable bass frequency reproduction. Vintage design with the benefit of new modern standard The MARKBASS CASA has a very cool vintage design but with the benefit of new modern standard, with a long term reliability thanks to our advanced production procedures, state-of the-art testing, quality control facilities and top-quality components. >winner of ‘blind listening’ comparative test vs classic amps Michael ran a blind listening test for four professionals- two recording engineers and two musicians, using five different amplifiers and over a dozen different basses. On almost every single pass, the MARKBASS CASA was unanimously chosen alongside the classic amps as the favorite sound for each instrument. Controls: GAIN (range: -46 ÷ 23dB) EQ Controls: LOW (level ±16 dB - freq 60 Hz) HIGH (level ±16 dB - freq 5 kHz) 5 band graphic equalizer disabled by footswitch (freq 67, 184, 510, 1400, 3800 Hz - level ±16 dB) INPUTS INPUT: Impedance 500 Kohm/  Maximum Voltage 9 Vpp RETURN: Impedance 33  Kohm// Max 10Vpp OUTPUT LINE OUT: Balanced, Maximum Voltage 6 Vpp | (GND Lift - Level - Pre/Post) SEND: unbalanced, Max Voltage 20Vpp (Pre Eq) TUNER OUT: unbalanced, Max Voltage 2Vpp POWER 300W RMS @ 8 ohm, 500W RMS @ 4 ohm POWER REQUIREMENT: 100V; 120V; 230V; 240V - 50/60Hz (tension set inside the equipment) WARNING: The MARKBASS CASA is manufactured to be used in the country where they have been sold, and it is factory preset to that country’s voltage. So make sure you’re sending the correct voltage to your amp before you connect it to the AC power. DIMENSIONS WIDHT: 18.97”/ 48.2 cm HEIGHT: 8.03”/ 20.4 cm DEPTH: 10.82”/ 27.5 cm WEIGHT 14.10 lbs / 6.4 Kg

Markbass NINJA 102-250

The NINJA 102-250 RICHARD BONA signature combo, joins the others Ninja series products where the respect of your instrument tone is the first priority...with no compromise, perfectly aligned with Richard Bona's and Marco De Virgiliis' vision. Perfect for those looking for a light and compact 2x10" combo with amazing depth and great definition. Plus, the vertical design of the 2 Markbass 10" speakers always allows to find room on stage, even in small clubs! This combo it's great for practicing, rehearsing, and for small/medium gigs.

Markbass EV01

The Markbass EVO1 head is the result of the mix between classic and advanced technology evolution to allow bassists to have not only just a 'gorgeous' bass sound, but always the 'right' sound... no matter which genres and techniques you're playing!!! It offers six AMPS tone choices for each of the two channels, clean and distorted. Bass players have always been inspired by the possibility to mix two amplifiers tones and to blend clean and distorted sounds as Jaco Pastorius did back in the years. With the Markbass EVO 1 that's possible, opening many more sound options experimenting two amps playing simultaneously. Both channels feature classic standard amp controls interface and one effect each (you can update AMPs and effects picking and downloading your favorite ones from our website), MIDI In port, on board tuner, aux in and headphones out, FX loops, XLR Line Outs, and a powerful 500W MPT (Mark Proprietary Technology) power amp.

Markbass Little Mark 800

The Little Mark 800 is basically a Little Mark III with an 800W power amp. This high-power head is created for those who need simple, intuitive and effective controls but also like to have a large supply of power and serious headroom. A great choice for big-stage applications, and for louder bands. Its sound is exceptionally warm and clear, both at low and high volumes. The ultra-fast response of the power amp allows the best reproduction of every minute detail in your playing. The new DI output features a pre-post EQ switch and output level control, so you can optimize the signal you send to the mixer or recording unit.

Markbass CMD JB PLAYERS SCHOOL – Bass Combo

Markbass Artist Jeff Berlin is the Director of The Players School Of Music, located in Florida! Founded by Jeff Berlin in 1996, The Players School of Music introduced a bold new concept in music education, to teach music only, and to detour players away from practicing with ineffective learning methods such as using metronomes. The school separated Art from Academics thereby creating a learning environment where nearly 100% of all the Players School students improve as players. The CMD JB PLAYERS SCHOOL combo, named as Jeff’s great Music School, is the perfect choice for students... not only at The Player School of Music but worldwide! We at Markbass know how important it is for student to practice and play with a good professional sound, as well as to have a compact, light and portable combo. This combo is the smart choice to satisfy all of these requests. It’s inexpensive, it features the same quality standard and the same quality control tests applied to all of our products by our technicians during production. Jeff says, “The CMD JB Players School combo combines Markbass’ usual great tone with a high quality amp cabinet that is affordable. I am only insterested in an amp if it has good tone built into it. This amp has it! I can practice with this amp and I can gig with it as well.” The CMD JB PLAYERS SCHOOL combo has a highly-portable size, and it weighs only 34.61 lbs (15.7 Kg). Its sound is professional, and like all Markbass rigs, getting the right sound is as simple as setting the amp flat, plugging in, and turning up the volume. EQ only needs to be used when compensating for unusual venue acoustics. Both student and professional users deserve a great professional sound, and this combo is the choice!

MarkBass Traveler 102P

The Traveler 102P is one of the smallest and lightest 2x10" cabinets on the market. It can be used in either a vertical or horizontal position. Perfect for club gigs, this cab especially shines when added to a Traveler 151P for a punchy, full-range sound.

MarkBass MiniMark 802

The Minimark has been astounding people since its first introduction at NAMM some years ago. The Minimark 802 is even more sonically impressive, with an incredible warm and focused sound thanks to the two 8" custom woofers and an onboard piezo tweeter.

Markbass CMD 102P

The CMD 102P combo just might be our most versatile combo! It's perfect for any situation.

Markbass Little Mark III Head

The incredible international success of the Little Mark II has inspired this new, updated and upgraded version! The new DI output features a pre-post EQ switch and output level control, so you can optimize the signal you send to the mixer or recording unit. All this with the same compact size and weight of its famous predecessor!

Markbass Little Mark 250 Black Line Head

The Black Line version of Little Mark 250 offers the same features as the standard Little Mark 250. The Black Line products are made using the same cutting-edge technology, high-quality components and the same quality control standards that apply to all of our products.The Little Mark 250 Black Line is a smart, inexpensive choice for those who don’t need the full power of a 500W head. It’s great for practicing, rehearsing, and small gigs.

Markbass Standard 102HF Cab

The Standard 102HF cabinet is recommended for bass players who need a smaller pro-sounding rig, or for those who like to combine cabinets! For example by adding a 102HF to a Standard 151HF. Using two 102HF cabs together works beautifully with a stereo power amp. Rated at 400 watts RMS, this small cab packs an impressive punch for its size!

Markbass New York 151 Cab

The latest addition to the New York cabinet series, this little powerhouse is the perfect extension for either the Mini CMD 151P combo, or the CMD 151P Jeff Berlin combo. It's also a great lightweight cabinet option to combine with any 500W Markbass amp.

Markbass MINI CMD 121P Combo

Our flagship combo has changed the bass amp market forever.