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Makala Baritone

The Makala Classic line is simply the best entry-level ukulele on the market. Sound and playability usually suffer when offered at these affordable prices, but not with the Makala. With a fantastic sound and vintage look, the Makala Classic line won’t break the bank.

Makala Série Agathis Soprano MK-S

Excellent Ukulele soprano for beginners. 

Makala Series Agathis Tenor MK-T

Excellent Ukulele tenor for beginners. 

Makala Series Agathis Concert MK-C

Excellent Ukulele concert for beginners. 

Makala Concert ColorPack

The Kala MK-C concert ukulele offers great sound and great playability.  With its rosewood fretboard and 18 brass frets, the MK-C is a great entry level ukulele.   Pack includes: Makala (Kala Brand) MK-C Ukulele Kala UB-C - Quality gig bag Kala Klipz clip-on electronic tuner