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LP Aspire Accents Cajons – Sun Burst Sreak

LP Aspire percussion instruments have long been known for their unparalleled combination of professional-level features, outstanding construction quality, and genuine affordability. In keeping with this tradition, Aspire cajons offer terrific playability and great value. Now, with the new Aspire Accents Cajon series, LP has added yet another unique element: striking hand-crafted finishes that are sure to catch the eye of students and beginning percussionists of all ages. "Accents" is definitely the right description for these new finishes, since they add visual impact to the already impressive sonic performance of Aspire cajons. Each finish starts with one of four deep, lustrous base colors. Next, LP's highly skilled artists painstakingly apply an exaggerated black wood-grain pattern. This pattern is then framed by dark edging added to all but the white cajon. The resulting finishes: Sunburst Streak, Blueburst Streak, Darkwood Streak, and White Streak are bold, distinctive, and totally original. But there's much more to LP's Aspire Accents Cajons than meets the eye, beautiful as that may be. To begin with, their 11-¾" w x 12" d x 17-¼" h shells are made of eco-friendly plantation-grown Siam oak renewable wood that's highly regarded for its resonant qualities. Next, they utilize a hybrid design that combines various traditional features in order to achieve optimum musical performance. The front striking plate is secured to the body of the cajon with screws, in the Peruvian style. This allows the plate to be loosened or tightened in order to adjust the amount of high-end "click" produced when the top edge is struck. Meanwhile, the cajon is fitted with two sets of internal wires in the Flamenco style, adding crispness and character to the rich, deep tones produced by the shell. Best of all, in addition to their striking appearance and outstanding sonic performance, these new cajons come with one other important feature: the affordability that's part of their Aspire heritage. At a list price of only $199, LP's Aspire Accents Cajons are a great choice for students, hobbyists, and professionals alike. After all, what's better than beauty on a budget?

Latin Percussion LP Soft Shake

Softest sounding shaker LP makes Perfect for recording or when a delicate sound is needed Set of two small plastic shakers is connected by two rubber bands Remove the rubber bands and you have two individual shakers

Latin percussion Cajon

This cajon allows you to vary the tension of internal strings with a standard drum key and has front, height adjustment feet that allow the Cajon to accommodate individual playing positions. Exotic "Takean Tong" wood playing surface with a composite wood body provides superior bass resonance and enhanced sound.

Latin Percussion LP281R Maracas

Twist-off handles allow players to add, remove or change the type of fill to customize their sound. Black plastic shelles with wood handles.

Latin Percussion LP234A Standard Wood Afuche/Cabasa

Developed nearly thirty years ago, The LP Afuche / Cabasa was designed to create rhythmic scraping sounds and patterns.