Jonny Rock Gear is a small effect pedals workshop based in Montreal, Canada.

As musiciens, our first goal is to please guitarists from everywhere with great sounds and different guitar tones with unique character. Originality is our target, and we constantly try to be different. We’re very passionated people, and always look for perfection in any ways.

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Jonny Rock Gear – The Pink Pit

Handmade analog delay. Ideal for spatial ambience and echo type reverb.

Jonny Rock Gear – Dude Screamer

Handmade boutique overdrive with many expensive boutique mods: clipping options, low end booster. Very dynamic.

Jonny Rock Gear – Echorus

The "Echorus" is basically a very short echo on which is applied an optical vactrol based modulation. It creates a warm and organic chorus effect. It can be used as a doubler effect to expand your sound dimension when "DEPTH" and "SPEED" controls are set at minimum. For a regular gentle chorus tone, set the "D TIME" control at minimum, and the "DEPTH" around 11 o'clock. At longer delay time you'll get deeper modulation and more detuned sounds.   Flip the switch to kill the dry signal and get cool and warm "vibish" tones. You can also reach special alien effects at extreme setting.   Available in two different colors!   Main features are: Adjustable delay time from about 30-55ms Optical vactrol based modulation Toggle switch that kills the dry signal "DEPTH" and "SPEED" modulation adjustment Organic chorus tone Warm "vibish" sounds and out of space effects Tempo indicator (LED)

Jonny Rock Gear – The Rewolver

The Rewolver is a multi-fonction JFET Driver. You got two Boosters in cascade (POW, POW) controlled by a Master Volume (BANG). That gives an infinite number of settings depending on which knob you choose to crank up. Turning up the Boosters give you a sweet saturation from the transistors, and the Master Volume makes the amp break up. You'll be impressed by the versatility of this small footprint pedal. Use it as a Distortion or as an Overdrive in the beginning of your effect chain, or use it as a clean boost at the end. A world of options in this pedal!

Jonny Rock Gear MobyDepth – Pedal

The "Moby Depth" is basically a spring reverb, but with many adjustments that make it unique among other reverb pedals.   Push it in the deep to feel like you're wandering in a whale.

Johny Rock Gear – Clowntaur

This is a kind of 2 in one pedal, an OD/Booster. Set the GAIN very low and turn up the OUTPUT to boost your signal, or set the OUTPUT at 9 O'Clock and make your signal be driven by the GAIN knob. Both get you a stunning sound!   As you introduce some gain to your signal, the clean/dry sound will be blended in a magical way!   Try to find where you're gonna stand!

Jonny Rock Gear – Dino Range

The Dino Range is meant to be your set and forget compressor in a live application, or a complete and versatile machine in a studio environnement. From ambient sustain to plucked country riffs, or during your squashy funk grooves, it delivers everything you can expect from the beast. The "FREE" control (release time) lets you choose between a nice pumping effect (short release) or a very long sustained notes. The slow attack setting is ideal for strumming, you're gonna keep your pick attack while levelling the volume of your whole playing.    

Jonny Rock Gear – Dyna Boost

Handmade "Almost" clean boost to low gain overdrive. Push an amp to small to medium saturation level.

Jonny Rock Gear – Octofuzzy

Fuzz / octave. Nasty fuzz from the 60's. From distinctive sounds to totally messy ring modulator.

Jonny Rock Gear – Popcorner

Handmade unique sounding overdrive. Versatile from hard funk to heavy rock.

Jonny Rock Gear – Jojo Cake

Handmade creamy distortion with a lot of sustain. Works perfectly with a guitar and even a synthetizer. Add some sugar and/or icing according to your taste!