Cort has been a guitar-making brand for more than 50 years with an unabated passion for the guitar. Based on long-standing guitar production knowledge, experience, and faith in quality and value, we constantly study to create the best guitar in the world. Cort’s mission is to deliver the best instruments to passionate musicians around the world.

Cor-Tek is a global instrument manufacturer that produces and exports more than one million guitars and 300,000 amplifiers per year worldwide. Based on the technology and experience it has accumulated, its own guitar brand Cort was launched and became a highly sought-after name in the global instrument market for its high quality and excellent design.

Cort guitars are built in the state-of-the-art production facilities in Indonesia and China, based on professional knowledge and experience from our builders. In order to maintain Cort’s core ability for guitar building, we introduced careful wood selection standards, wood drying facilities, advanced CNC equipment and painting processes at an early date, and we continue to invest heavily in the development of facilities and human resources. Cort is committed to making great guitars, offering a more reasonable and diverse price range for various types of players.

Since the 1990s, Cort has collaborated with renowned guitar builders and artists from overseas to showcase innovative guitars. The great list of builders and artists who collaborated with Cort include: Ned Steinberger, Jim Triggs, Greg Curbow, Larry Coryell, Matt Murphy, Hiram Bullock, Joe Beck, Billy Cox, TM Stevens, Neil Zaza, Matthias Jabs, Gene Simmons and most recently Jeff Berlin, Frank Gambale, Hugh Manson, and Matthew Bellamy who worked to develop and launch new guitars with Cort. Performance, reliability and specifications sought by professional builders and artists play a valuable role in creating guitars that satisfy everyone from beginners to professional players.

In the 21st century, Cort is building its faith in great guitar building more than ever. Cort’s passion and effort to create the best musical instruments will create more innovative and creative products in the coming future. And we would like to invite you to embark on this endless journey with us.

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Cort Earth 50 Open Pore


Cort – AF505OP – Easyplay Concert Natural


Cort C4 Plus ZBMH


Cort – AC100OP – 4/4 Spruce/mahogany


Cort – X Series Open Pore – Black


Cort – SUNSETTCOPB – Sunset Tc – Ash Body Burgundy


Cort – CAP810 – Trailblazer Pack – Natural


Cort – AD810LHOP – Left Handed – Natural


Cort – AP550M – Standar Parlor Mahogany OP


Cort – MR500E – Solid spruce OP Cw Eq – Natural


Cort – KX500 Etched – Black


Cort – EARTHPACK – Acoustic Guitar Pack Op


Cort – -EARTHMINIOP – 3/4 Size Mini Dreadnought w/bag


Cort – EARTH70OP – Natural


Cort – EARTH70LHOP – Left Handed – Natural


Cort – EARTH70 Solid Top Hg – Natural


Cort – Core – OC Spruce – Trans Black w/case


Cort – Core-OC Mahogany – Black Burst w/case


Cort Ad Mini M – All Mahogany Acoustic Guitar


Cort – Action Bass Plus – Trans Red – ACTBASSPLTR


Cort – Artisan Series – A5 – Open Pore – SCMSOPN


Cort – Artisan Series – A5 – Amber Open Pore – SCCASEAO