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Alpine MusicSafe Classic

Musicians run a considerable risk of damaged hearing. Loud music can lead to hearing loss and other physical problems. Alpine's new MusicSafe Classic earplug contains two different filter sets which provide medium and high attenuation (noise reduction) rates for many situations. The calibrated filters* are designed for listening to music, whilst providing optimum hearing protection with no loss of clarity. MusicSafe Classic earplugs are comfortable, cause no pressure on the ear and can be reused many times. Instructions for use included. One pair of earplugs, two sets of filters and a useful storage case are included in the pack. * Gold filter attenuation: 18.8dB at 125Hz, 27.7dB at 2000Hz, 22.0dB at 8000Hz * Silver filter attenuation: 14.8dB at 125Hz, 26.6dB at 2000 Hz, 19.9dB at 8000Hz