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Zev 4/4 Violin Outfit

Solid wood spruce top Maple back with printed fl ame Ebony fi nger board Metal alloy tailpiece with four fi

Palatino VN-650 – 4/4 violon kit

Solid Hand-Carved Spruce Top Solid Hand-Carved Figured Maple Back Solid Figured Maple Sides Ebony Fingerboard & Pegs Full Suspension Oblong Case & Pernambuco Octagonal Stick Bow with Parisian Eye & Ebony Frog

Palatino VA-450 – Allegro Viola Outfit, 16 Inches

Solid Hand Carved Spruce Top Solid Hand Carved Maple Back, Sides & Neck Ebony Fittings Inlaid Purfling Ebony Frog Bow & Featherweight Case

Palatino VN-950 – Anziano Violin Outfit, 4/4 Size

Tightly Grained Select Spruce Top Highly Flamed Maple Back & Sides Hand Carved Flamed Maple Neck & Scroll Grade-A Ebony Fittings Octagonal Brazilwood Bow & Slide

Yamaha YEV105BL – 5 string Electric Violin – Black

A new kind of electric violin taking its design inspiration from the organic beauty of wood, the simplicity of clean lines, and the comfort of light weight, combined with innovative Yamaha sound to create this gorgeous live-performance instrument. (5-string model)

Yamaha – YEV104PKGII – Electric Violin Pack

Yamaha 104 Electric Violin Performance Package. Includes: YEV-104 Electric Violin (Natural Finish), HPH-MT5 Headphones, THR10 Modelling Amp, MXL 1/4" to 1/4" 18' Instrument Cable, Steinberg Cubase AI Recording Software.  

Yamaha V7SG – violin outfit 4/4

Excellent Quality for Young Players Handcrafted from selected natural woods, the V7G makes the ideal first instrument for beginners wanting a genuine violin. Each instrument is carefully handcrafted and finished with special oil varnish shading that offers a lustrous appearance. The lightweight tailpiece also features four fine tuners that provide first time players with ease of use they need as they start playing.  

Yamaha V10SG – Violin outfit

An Excellent Step-up Instrument Designed especially with younger performers in mind, the V10G is based on the same Stradivari inspired design as the YVN200S and YVN100S violins. Each instrument features a hand-carved spruce top, maple sides and back, and a special hand applied shading oil varnish normally found only on higher-price instruments.

Yamaha SV-255 BR – 5 String – Silent Violin

The SV250/255 is designed to meet the needs of the professional and high class amateur performer wanting amplified violin sound for all sorts of music.

Yamaha YSV-104 – Silent violin

The YSV104 Silent Violin returns to the original Silent Violin concept as a refined practice instrument that provides an ideal blend of features and playability for violin players. Even without a resonant body, the SRT POWERED system faithfully reproduces the body resonance, sound and ambience of an acoustic violin. The YSV104 is an excellent choice for all players who want to practice quietly with acoustic violin tone.

Palatino VN-500 – 4/4 violin kit

Solid Hand-Carved Spruce Top Solid Hand-Carved Flamed Maple Back Ebony Fingerboard & Pegs Oblong Case Ebony Frog Round Bow