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Boss TU30

Features Pro BOSS tuner and versatile metronome in one Supports chromatic tuning, guitars, basses, and flat tuning Convenient Accu-Pitch function sounds a tone when you’ve reached the correct pitch Reference pitch function makes it easy to verify tuning by ear Metronome features multiple rhythm styles and visual display Instrument input for tuning electric guitars, basses, and other instruments Built-in mic for tuning acoustic instruments Runs on two AAA batteries

Boss DB60 – Dr. Beat

Boss DB60 - Dr. Beat
  • Wide variety of rhythm patterns to play along with
  • Quickly create original rhythm patterns with the Note-Mixing function
  • Loop Play for calling up memory settings and playing the patterns repeatedly
  • Memory function for storing independent tempos for each song
  • Tap Tempo, Timer, and Stopwatch functions
  • Standard Pitch function for tuning instruments
  • Backlit display

Korg TM50

Use the tuner and metronome simultaneously! The TM-50 Your partner to help improve and refine your skills as a musician!  

Boss DB90 – Dr. Beat

Boss DB90 - Dr. Beat Practice in style with the flagship of the Dr. Beat Metronome line.

Wittner 806M

Maelzel System Metronome, Wooden Casing, Matte Silk Black WITHOUT Bell. Matte black.

Wittner 803

Maelzel System Metronome, Wooden Casing, High Gloss Walnut WITHOUT Bell. POLISH Walnut.


Compact, yet serious. The new MICROMETRO clip-on metronome. The MICROMETRO Digital Metronome packs high-precision Korg metronome features into a compact body. Available in both red and blue, the MICROMETRO's clip-on design lets you easily enjoy rhythm training wherever you go! The tempo can be adjusted over 39 steps matching the values marked on a mechanical metronome's pendulum. In addition, ten different beat patterns can be selected. The metronome volume can be set to Loud or Soft – or even muted – to suit different environments. The current tempo is also indicated by the flashing LED. This combination of visual and audible cues makes it easy to follow the tempo. For discrete use, the sound may be muted completely, providing a visual-only tempo indicator. The current tempo and beat pattern are retained even when the power is off, allowing you to quickly recall your favorite settings.  

Wittner 835

Wittner's Taktell Piccolo metronome, without bell, in plastic casing. Light brown (tan) finish.

Wittner 803M

Wittner's Malzel Series metronome, without bell, in wooden casing. Matte walnut finish.

Wittner 801M

Wittner's Malzel Series metronome, without bell, in wooden casing. Matte mahogany finish.

Wittner 806

Metronome Black Gloss Without Bell

Wittner 834

Taktell Metronome Red Without Bell

Wittner 832

Taktell Metronome Ivory Without Bell

Wittner 831

Taktell Metronome Brown Without Bell

Wittner 836

Taktell Metronome Black Without Bell