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Kala Tuner – KK-BK

Kala Klipz tuners are precise quality tuners that get you in tune and help you stay there. Works with ukulele, guitar, mandolin, bass, violin and more.
  • Settings: Chromatic, Ukulele, Guitar, Bass and Violin
  • Range: A0 (27.5hz) to C8 (4186hz)
  • Tolerance: +/-1 cent
  • Signal received by vibration via clip
  • Power Supply: 1 - CR2032 battery (included)

D’Addario Eco-Comfort Ukulele Strap

The D’Addario Eco-Comfort Ukulele Strap line is an eco-friendly soundhole hook style strap made specifically to support all Ukuleles with a standard soundhole. The full line is made from an Eco-Friendly fabric, made from recycled water bottles, and is super comfortable while also being super durable with a color scheme inspired by beach elements. The hook is made from a soft rubber that will not harm or scratch your ukulele but is strong enough to support the weight of the instrument. Soft and durable eco-friendly strap material made from recycled plastic bottles Soundhole hook made from durable soft rubber 5 beach inspired color designs available D'Addario is known for innovative, problem-solving, quality musical accessories, offering a complete line of award-winning accessories including cables, picks, tuners, capos, straps, humidifiers, maintenance tools and more.

Profile PRFUS01

Foldable Stand for Small Instruments Including : ukulele, violin and mandolin etc..

Levy’s CMUT

Polyester ukulele bag for tenor-sized ukulele. Features ½" foam padding, plush lining, back-pack shoulder straps, and pouch pocket. Interior dimensions: 27 ½" X 9 ½".

Profile PRU85W (Wood color)

Wall Mount Ukulele Hanger With Auto-Clamp

Guardian Case CG010-UB

Featherweight case for baritone ukulele

Strukture SUMSBK Ukulele or Mandolin stand

The Strukture ukulele/mandolin stand is crafted from heavy duty steel for strength and stability. The stand features a folding tripod base, a height-adjustable shaft, and a padded neck cradle and back rest. The suspended design allows for a variety of applications including ukuleles, mandolins, travel/child size guitars, and even video game controllers. The stands are completed with a gloss finish for a durable, modern appearance.

Profile M05TX – Mandolin Bag for Beginners

Profile® 05 Series bags offer great value in a classic black design 5mm foam padding Deluxe Profile® zippers Satin nylon

Manhasset Musiclip MA1200 – Clear Plastic Clip To Hold Sheet Music

A transparent, highly durable plastic clip that makes playing in the wind a breeze. MusiClips clamp over the entire length

Shubb FSB 5th String Capo For Banjo

This was the gadget that got it all started for us back in 1974, and to this day it's STILL the only fifth string capo worth putting on a banjo. It operates on a lever principle, not a spring, so it provides sufficient pressure to fret the string without muting the tone. It slides on a slim, dovetailed bar which mounts flush to the neck, making it sturdy and unobtrusive.

Profile PRU85 (Black)

Wall Mount Ukulele Hanger With Auto-Clamp

Neotech Super Banjo Strap

The unique internal control-stretch system used in these straps offers weight reduction comfort unmatched by any other strap. It effectively disperses the weight while absorbing the shock of your movements. The Super Banjo Strap™ uses strong side release buckles which join secure Neo-Loops™ to the main body of the strap. Merely thread the loops through the brackets, pass the side release buckles through the opening and reattach to the main strap. This creates a secure hold which is a snap to attach!

Case for Soprano Ukulele PRC-UKES

Profile Ukulele case. A great way to protect your instrument. Fits most Soprano Ukuleles.    

Levy’s CMUB

Polyester ukulele bag for baritone-sized ukulele. Features ½" foam padding, plush lining, back-pack shoulder straps, and pouch pocket. Interior dimensions: 31 ¼" X 11 ¼".

Levy’s CMUS

Polyester ukulele bag for soprano-sized ukulele. Features ½" foam padding, plush lining, back-pack shoulder straps, and pouch pocket. Interior dimensions: 22" X 7 ½".

Profile PRC-115MA

Hardshell case for "A" style mandolin.

Guardian Case CG010-US

Hardshell case for soprano ukulele