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Generation 1221

The original metal kazoo in durable hygienic finish. Natural skin diaphragm gives powerful tone.

Hercules TravLite DS410B

The HERCULES TravLite Trumpet Stand DS410B folds easily and compactly, can be placed inside the bell; velvet pads protect the instrument. It is easy to set up and provides a strong, stable base for the instrument.

Dunlop JD7700

Dunlop's Scotty's Kazoos got a new look with more bright colors. Made of safe and sturdy polypropylene and available in red, orange, yellow, green and purple. Fun for all ages.

Herco HE108

Herco's Saxophone Maintenance Kit

Herco HE81

Herco's Trumpet/Cornet Maintenance Kit contains: HE75 Flex Brush Cleaner, HE80 Valve Protector, HE186 Spitballs, HE83 Valve Casing Brush, HE96 Polish Cloth, HE84 Mouthpiece Brush, HE91 Slide Grease, HE448 Pure Formula Valve Oil, Herco I.D. Tag, and Herco's Complete Care Instructions.

Herco HE107

Herco's Flute/Piccolo Maintenance Kit contains: HE3015 Flute Swab, HE825 Duster Brush, HE91 Slide Grease, HE96 Polish Cloth, HE451 Pure Formula Key Oil, Herco I.D. Tag, and Herco's Complete Care Instructions.