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RB JR3 MWR – Junior Drum

3-Piece Junior Drum Set. This new junior drum kit consists of the following and is ideal for ages up to 6.
  • Grosse Caisse 16”
  • Caisse claire 10”
  • Tom Tom 8”
  • 1 Cymbale 10”
  • Throne
  • Sticks
  • Color : Metallic Wine Red

Yamaha EAD10 – Electronic Acoustic Drum Module

With the EAD10 Electronic Acoustic Drum Module, drummers can dynamically change the sound of their acoustic kit. From practicing to recording or performing, EAD10 has features for all applications. Built-in bass drum triggering for reinforced attack and XY mics to collect the overall drum kit combine to bring high quality sound to any environment and any kit. Through the use of an iOS App, drummers can easily record, edit, alter, and share their playing. Simply put, EAD10 will make your drums do more. 50 preset/200 user Scenes. transform your acoustic drum sounds dynamically. Just attach the EAD10 sensor to the bass drum and you can pick up overall drum sounds. With the free iOS app you can practice, shoot, edit and upload videos of your drum performances.

Mano Percussion MP987 Mini Cajon

Mano Mini Cajon. Matte Rosewood Veneer.

Roland EC10M – ELCajon Mic Processor

Roland EC-10M - ELCajon Mic Processor
  • Easy setup—simply attach the included clip-on condenser mic to the sound hole of the acoustic cajon and start playing
  • Amplify the acoustic cajon—the EC-10M can be used as a mic preamp for the supplied microphone
  • A variety of sounds—16 onboard kits with tones including tambourine, shaker, djembe, electronic drums, and more can be layered with your acoustic cajon
  • Multiple tones—play two different electronic sounds by slapping either the edge or head of your acoustic cajon
  • Add pedals—up to two kick-trigger pedals (Roland KT-10, KT-9, or KD-7) can be connected to play additional sounds; integrated A/B foot pads can also trigger sounds
  • Create loops and play along—a simple looper function allows recording of rhythm phrases using the onboard sounds
  • Versatile outputs—send the microphone and layered sounds to a PA mixer via two independent outputs, or mix all sounds into one mono output

RB JR3 MBL – Junior Drum

3 piece junior drum kit. This new junior drum kit is composed of the following and is ideal for children under 6 years old.
  • 16” Bass Drum
  • 10” Snare Drum
  • 8” Tom Tom
  • 1 10” Cymbal
  • Throne and Sticks
  • Metallic Blue

Rhythm Tech Stickball™ drumstick shaker

For some time now drummers have been trying to incorporate the sound of a shaker into their kit. Many players have tried to hold or tape small EGGZ Shakers while holding a drumstick. While these attempts had some success, there were obvious and clumsy drawbacks. To solve this problem and give players an easy and solid solution, Rhythm Tech has teamed up with NYC session great and educator Billy Ward to develop the Stickball®, a great percussive shaker/effect that will easily slip on and off any drum stick.  The Stickball offers a classic dry shaker sound that minimizes the weight/feel changes of putting a shaker on a drumstick. Easy on and off the stick and holds securely without the use of a wing nut or other tightening mechanism.  “What took you so long?” – is the reaction we’ve been getting from drummers and retailers who have seen and played Stickball®.

Sabian HHX Evolution Splash 10″

Highly responsive model has bright, fast and penetrating projection.