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Dunlop 100C

Durable plastic stringwinders with bridge pin removal feature.

Quiklok DX-749

Height Adjustable Musicians Stool with adjustable Footrest and Back Rest.

Boss TU30

Features Pro BOSS tuner and versatile metronome in one Supports chromatic tuning, guitars, basses, and flat tuning Convenient Accu-Pitch function sounds a tone when you’ve reached the correct pitch Reference pitch function makes it easy to verify tuning by ear Metronome features multiple rhythm styles and visual display Instrument input for tuning electric guitars, basses, and other instruments Built-in mic for tuning acoustic instruments Runs on two AAA batteries

DMI Fret Butter – Fretboard Cleaner and Conditioner

Fret Butter™ is a unique and simple patented proprietary solution for your stringed instruments' finger-board. Fret Butter™ hydrates the wood and removes grime and oxidation from your frets in one simple application. The result is a clean hydrated finger-board with shiny frets and a satin smooth finish protecting against sweat, acids, metal corrosion, and string abrasion. Now You Can: Easily clean your finger-board with the Fret Butter™ all-in-one cloth Prevent cracking and splitting of your finger-board Bring back like-new luster to your frets Fret Butter™ contains no harmful chemicals, is prop65 compliant, cruelty free and vegan. It is air-travel safe world-wide and ships to 169 countries. Fret Butter™ only contains food grade products and is free of lemon oil. Fret Butter™ Is: Competitively priced Superior and more effective than other products Used by world class Luthiers Your Guitar Maintenance Solution™ The Fret Butter™ re-sealable zippered package has equal dimensions as a pack of guitar strings with included hang-tag. The one-piece applicator cloth can be used multiple times.

Fender Blackout 24 inch Barstool – 9100323506

Proper posture is a key element to a productive practice session. Chair arms can force you to contort uncomfortably to keep your instrument in its natural playing position while restricting your ability to move along the neck freely and forcing you into a back-killing hunched playing position. This barstool offers a stable support for your back, while working your core muscles and ensuring you have unhindered access to the entire instrument. The powder-coated base and embossed Fender logo on the seat make it look great in any decor.

Dunlop JD6554

Fretboard 65 Ultimate Lemon Oil. Will remove grime and return your fretboard to its original luster quickly and easily. Offers an invisible sealant against stains and moisture. (Note: not for use on maple fretboards). 4 oz bottle.

Planet Waves GH – Guitar Humidifier

The number one cause of major guitar repairs is lack of humidification. Humidifying your guitar is an essential step in maintaining your instrument. The best selling Planet Waves Acoustic Guitar Humidifier makes it easy to properly and safely humidify your guitar. The Humidifier hangs safely in the sound hole suspend by the instruments strings so it never touches the body of the instrument. Simply moisten the sponge, install and that's it. The humidifier releases the moisture slowly and evenly keeping your guitar perfectly humidified. When the sponge becomes completely dry, moisten it again and insert back into the soundhole.  

Dunlop JD6574

Bodygloss 65 Cream of Carnuba The highest-grade carnauba wax, in a proprietary formula. Polishes and beautifies, while hiding light scratches. Leaves a moisture and stain-resistant barrier.

Nantel MM2

Guitar polishing cloth. *Now white with black logo.

MXR M239 Mini Iso-Brick™ Power Supply

Compact, lightweight pedalboard power supply 5 outputs (4 x 9-volt and 1 switchable 9/18-volt) accommodate a wide range of pedals Fully isolated design eliminates annoying ground loop noise Add an extra pedal to each output with a splitter cable (1 cable included; the rest are sold separately) LED status indicators make troubleshooting a breeze Rugged, road-ready construction

Vox amPlug 2 Classic Rock

With amPlug 2, the crucial analog circuit has been drastically improved, and each model now provides three modes. Guitar types provide multi-effect functionality, and a rhythm function has been added to the bass type. A foldable plug mechanism that rotates 180 degrees and an auto power-off function are additional features that contribute significantly to improved convenience and ease of use. The amPlug is the simplest way to get serious sound; occupying virtually no space, it's an ideal choice for any guitarist or bassist. Classic Rock: Delivers the classic crunch of a UK-made 100W amp.

Fender Mustang™ Micro – 2311300000

Fender Mustang™ Micro 2311300000
  • Controls: Amp /-, EQ /-, Effects =/-, Modify /-, Master Volume, Bluetooth Pair
  • Amps: 12 Amp models
  • Effects: 13 Effect models
  • Amp Type: Headphone
  • Output: 1/8” Stereo
  • Unique Features: On-board DSP, rotating input plug, Bluetooth streaming with audio/video sync, rechargeable battery with 4 hours of continuous play time, USB-C charging and record out

Dry N Glide

Dry n’ Glide is an engineered talc formula designed to keep your hands dry, neutralize the acids to stop corrosion and feel super smooth. Dry n’ Glide’s patent-pending formula is a must for any guitarist, drummer, or brass and woodwind player, wanting an easy way to keep their hands dry and a smooth. Its PH balancing formula protects instruments, strings, and cymbals from corrosion, all while creating an effortless feel when they play. With its unique roll on application, you get all the benefits, without all the mess. In addition, Dry n’ Glide will leave your hands smelling like a summer vacation!

Vox amPlug 2 AC30

With amPlug 2, the crucial analog circuit has been drastically improved, and each model now provides three modes. Guitar types provide multi-effect functionality, and a rhythm function has been added to the bass type. A foldable plug mechanism that rotates 180 degrees and an auto power-off function are additional features that contribute significantly to improved convenience and ease of use. The amPlug is the simplest way to get serious sound; occupying virtually no space, it's an ideal choice for any guitarist or bassist. AC30: Provides the AC30 top boost sound.

Fender 24 inch Custom Shop Pinstripe Logo Barstool – 0990230020

Take a seat and start strumming with this new Fender Custom Shop bar stool. This new design features a retro-looking pin-stripe logo on the rotating top cushion and is built sturdy and comfortable like other Fender bar stools.

Fender Custom Shop Guitar Polish 2 OZ

Fender Custom Shop polishes and waxes are high-grade carnauba formulations containing no silicones, resins, polymers, bonding agents or alcohol. Our polishes are compatible with all finishes, including nitrocellulose. Fingerprinting and streaking on black finishes is greatly reduced, with absolutely no cloudy build-up. Non-abrasive carnauba formula with ultraviolet filtering agents extends the life of instrument finishes. Contains no abrasives, additives or sealants and is safe to use on all finishes, including nitrocellulose. Also works well on chrome and plastic.

Planet Waves Guitar Pro-Winder

Unlike ordinary peg winders, the patented Pro-Winder is a high-quality peg winder with a built-in clipper, bridge pin puller and string stretcher. The Pro-Winder is designed to fit virtually all guitars, banjos, and mandolins. Ergonomically designed with durable hardened steel wire cutters, the Pro-Winder is the ultimate all-in-one restringing tool. Keep one in every case! Also available in a bass guitar version.

Boss FS-6

Two switches in one, the FS-6 combines the FS-5L (latch-type) and FS-5U (momentary-type) technology into one unit. With two switches side-by-side, the FS-6 allows you to select either latch or momentary mode for each switch. Choose the configuration that best suits your playing style and setup.

Profile KDT5302

Musician’s throne, 11 position adjustable to 87 cm., foam padded seat and back, black finish.


Fast Fret String & Fret Clean Lub. Not a spray! Contains no silicone. It's a liquid in an applicator. Use it on strings, fretboard, back of neck. Lets fingers slide freely, keeps strings clean, is good for wood.

Boss VE500 Vocal Performer

Features Advanced vocal multi-effects stompbox for singing guitarists Automatic vocal harmony/pitch correction powered by newly enhanced BOSS algorithms for natural sound with smooth tracking Class-leading sound quality and high-powered BOSS DSP engine for processing vocals with up to nine effects at once Extensive selection of effects specially tuned for vocals; Enhance section for shaping core tone, plus reverb, delay, modulation, distortion, EQ, filter, and many other types for further processing Versatile and creative vocoder effect for generating electronic voice and talk box sounds based on guitar input Flexible effect routing options for processing live and harmonized vocals together or separately Dedicated looper XLR mic input with adjustable sensitivity and available phantom power Guitar input for harmony, pitch, and vocoder processing; Thru output for sending unprocessed signal to guitar pedals Stereo XLR outputs for sending vocal sounds to a PA mixer or recorder Three assignable footswitches for real-time performance control, plus support for up to two external footswitches or an expression pedal 99 user memories for storing patch setups Three assignable knobs for quick access to essential parameters while performing MIDI input and USB-MIDI for guiding harmony/pitch engine from an external MIDI keyboard or DAW backing tracks Editor/librarian software (Mac/Windows) for sound editing and patch management via USB

T-REX Fuel Tank Junior

Fuel Tank Junior is a lean, mean power supply that will handle virtually any 9-Volt effects pedal – and then some. It features 5 isolated outputs that deliver clean, quiet power to your pedals. And it’s switchable between 115 and 230V, so you can use it worldwide. Don’t let the compact size of this unit fool you – Fuel Tank Junior is a real powerhouse!   DON’T LET THE COMPACT SIZE OF THIS UNIT FOOL YOU Voltage selector, 115/230 volts 5 x 9VDC isolated outputs (120 mA each) Connections 5 isolated 9V DC outputs delivering 120 mA each Input mains voltage switchable 115V or 230V mains Cables 1x mains power cable  5x 50cm DC cables with 2,1mm - 2,1mm connectors Pedal size incl. knobs (W x H x D) 105 x 35 x 78 mm / 4,1 x 1,4 x 3 inch Weight excl. battery and packaging 0,470 kg / 18,5 oz

Vox amPlug 2 Bass

With amPlug 2, the crucial analog circuit has been drastically improved, and each model now provides three modes. Guitar types provide multi-effect functionality, and a rhythm function has been added to the bass type. A foldable plug mechanism that rotates 180 degrees and an auto power-off function are additional features that contribute significantly to improved convenience and ease of use. The amPlug is the simplest way to get serious sound; occupying virtually no space, it's an ideal choice for any guitarist or bassist. Bass: Designed specifically for low frequencies, offering a wide-range response.

Schaller 446 Security-Lock Chrome

The original! Brillant design and superb materials guarantee the unique quality of our leading product. For decades the most widely used strap lock system for guitars and basses. Indestructible even under the toughest conditions on stage. An inadvertent loosening of the strap is impossible. So your instrument is always in the best of hands.

Kyser KLHA

Lifeguard guitar humidifier for guitars with sounholes 3 3/4" - 4 1/8" in diameter. Fits most acoustic guitars (Dreadnought)

Fender – Custom Shop Logo Bar Stool – 30 inch – 0990230010

  • Heavy-gauge 1" tubular steel frame
  • Chrome plated finish
  • Foam padded seat top
  • 360-degree revolving swivel
  • Some assembly required

BeaverCreek BCSHELF01- Guitar Shelf

BeaverCreek Guitar Shelf, BeaverCreek Item BCSHELF01. The BeaverCreek Guitar Shelf is constructed from re-purposed guitars and parts from various brands and factories. Twisted necks, defective machine heads, and cosmetic flaws make for a unique, eye catching, and functional masterpiece. The BeaverCreek Guitar Shelf is suitable for any room and every music enthusiast. • Made from re-purposed parts • Hang on the wall or on a stand • Display at work, office or home

TC Electronic AEON – Infinite Sustainer

Handheld Infinite Sustainer with Powerful Transducers in a Cool and Compact Build Handheld infinite sustainer made from high-quality materials Powerful custom-made transducers for fast string excitement Cool and compact build for ease of use Create inspiring new sounds including drones, fade-ins, bowing and more Increased string clearance allows for incredibly expressive and dynamic playing 9 V battery is conveniently included with purchase Works with guitar, bass and other stringed instruments Brushed aluminum enclosure design for style and life on the road

T-REX Fuel Tank Classic

This is the T-Rex Classic FuelTank that has 3 different output sections: 9 volt DC, 12 volt DC and 12 volt AC. Each section is isolated. No more batteries to change. No more tangled cables to trip over. FuelTank is the perfect power supply unit for guitarists who want to focus on their performance, not their gear. Delivering 1.500 mA through ten DC plugs, FuelTank powers all your pedals – keeping you running on full power night after night. With a compact design, FuelTank fits conveniently every pedal board including the T-Rex ToneTrunk effect board. And it comes with all the cables you need to get you up and running. FuelTank delivers 1.500 mA of reliable power. Two of the ten outputs provide 12-volt power with isolated ground – one DC and the other AC, for AC pedals. Connections 8x 9V DC output plugs, all sharing the same ground giving a totoal of 500mA  1x 12V DC output with isolated ground, giving 500mA  1x 12V AC output with isolated ground, giving 500mA Input mains voltage Switchable 115V or 230V mains Cables 1x Red 50cm AC cable with 2,1mm - 2,5mm connectors for use on the 12V AC outlet  1x Blue 50cm AC cable with 2,5mm - 2,5mm connectors for use on the 12V AC outlet  Black 50cm DC cable with 2,1mm DC - 3,5mm mini-jack connectors  Black link DC cable with five 2,1mm - 2,1mm connectors  4x Black 20cm DC cable with 2,1mm - 2,1mm connector  4x Black 50cm DC cable with 2,1mm - 2,1mm connector  Mains power cable Pedal size incl. knobs (W x H x D) 160 x 38 x 80 mm / 6,3 x 1,5 x 3,2 inch Weight excl. packaging 0,800 kg / 28,2 oz

Hosa TRACKLINK – USB Interface for guitar – 10ft

1/4 in TS to USB Type A   The TRACKLINK Guitar to USB Interface makes it easy to connect your electric guitar, bass, or keyboard directly to your computer. Simply plug the 1/4 in TS connector into your instrument and the USB connector into your computer and play—you’ll be tracking in no time! It works with each of the following:   • Electric guitars, basses, and keyboards • Pedal effects and effects processors • Any electronic musical instrument with a mono phone output   Use your existing software to process your sound or, if you use guitar pedal effects or signal processors, simply plug the instrument end into the last effect in your signal chain. The on-board analog-to-digital converter will faithfully reproduce your sound in CD-quality. It’s that easy! USB 2.0 Type A Mac with OS 10.6 or later. PC with Windows Vista or later.

D’Addario PWDLC01

The D’Addario Dual-Lock Strap Lock provides a low-cost alternative to strap security for additional instrument protection. Without need of modification, the Dual-Lock clips onto your existing strap button to prevent your strap from releasing accidentally. Additionally, the Dual-Lock can be clipped onto your instrument cable, securing your cable to your instrument to prevent the plug from being pulled unintentionally from the input jack. D’Addario Dual-Lock Strap Lock–protecting your instrument and your performance.

Singular Sound Beat Buddy

The BeatBuddy is a drummer in a guitar pedal, always ready when you are.  Control the beat live while you play your instrument.  Jam with built-in award-winning beats or create your own. You are ready to light up the stage.

Planet Waves DGS15 – Acoustic Quick Release System

The patented Planet Waves Quick-Release System converts your favorite strap into a quick-release strap and is one of the most popular, must-have acoustic guitar accessories available.