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Mano Percussion Eggs

Shaker, 6 assorted colors. Sold individually.

Mano Percussion JBS13

Jingle Bell Stick with 13 bells

Yamaha Rydeen – RDP2F56WFB

Yamaha Rydeen 5-Piece Drum Kit with Hardware, Yamaha Item RDP2F56W, Cymbals and Throne Not Included.   Includes: 22"x16" Bass Drum 16"x15" Floor Drum 12"x8" & 10"x7" Toms 2x 22.2mm Pipe Clamp and CL940LB Tom Clamp 14"x5.5" Snare Drum Lug Cymbals & Throne not included Poplar 6ply (7.2mm) shell Bass Drum: steel hoop with matching colour inlay, clear batter, ebony with Yamaha logo front, with ring mute Toms: triple flange hoops (steel 1.5mm), clear heads Snare: triple flange hoops (steel 1.5mm), coated batter, S-Side bottom

Mano Percussion MP714 Natural

Bongos – The Mano Percussion 714 Bongos feature 7” & 8” shells, and are tunable with any standard drum key. Natural skin heads are mounted with standard chrome flanged hoops and hardware, and are available in natural finish only.  
RB- R5 Metallic Red WIne

RB JR5 MWR – Junior Drum

A five-piece junior drum kit that looks like an adult kit! Encourage your child to explore music and rhythm with this pretty little drums. For children up to 6 years old.
  • 16” Bass Drum
  • 12” Snare Drum
  • 8” + 10” Tom Toms
  • 13” Floor Tom
  • Junior Drum Throne
  • Drumsticks
  • 12” Crash Cymbal
  • 8” Hi-Hat Cymbals
  • Color: Metallic Wine Red
RB JR3 Metallic Red WIne

RB JR3 MWR – Junior Drum

3-Piece Junior Drum Set. This new junior drum kit consists of the following and is ideal for ages up to 6.
  • Grosse Caisse 16”
  • Caisse claire 10”
  • Tom Tom 8”
  • 1 Cymbale 10”
  • Throne
  • Sticks
  • Color : Metallic Wine Red

Mano Percussion MP-MA-YW

Soft plastic maracas - Yellow

Angel AX25N2

25 Key Glockenspiel
Roland TD17KVX

Roland TD17KVX – V-Drums – with stand



Sound Module: TD-17 x 1; Snare: PDX-12 x 1; Tom: PDX-8 x 3; Hi-hat: VH-10 x 1; Crash: CY-12C x 2; Ride: CY-13R x 1; Kick: KD-10 x 1; Drum stand: MDS-COM x 1

Authentic Playing Feel and Skill-Building Tools

If you regularly play acoustic drums, you shouldn’t have to change your playing style to use an electronic drum kit. You can use the same playing techniques you’d use on an acoustic kit, without compromise, thanks to the large 12-inch snare* and a natural feeling hi-hat** that can even be mounted on an acoustic hi-hat stand. And being based on the flagship TD-50 sound engine, the sounds faithfully reproduce the character and tone of acoustic drums, with lightning fast response time. PDX-12 12” snare pad included with TD-17KV and TD-17KVX only **VH-10 hi-hats included with TD-17KVX model only

Realistic Pads for Uncompromising Performance

Some electronic kits use much smaller pads than you’d typically find on an acoustic kit, but because the drumstick has to hit the center of each drum, these smaller pads can actually feel further away from you. This is especially true if you’ve moved from playing a 14-inch acoustic snare to an 8-inch rubber pad. The 12-inch dual-mesh PDX-12 snare* is tension-adjustable for authentic and satisfying rebound, while the height of the snare hoop is much closer to that of an acoustic snare so you can hit an open rim shot with a natural stick angle. If you’re serious about drumming, the TD-17 lets your technique shine through without asking you to compromise. PDX-12 12” snare pad included with TD-17KV and TD-17KVX only

Ideal for Perfecting Hi-Hat Techniques

The TD-17KVX comes with the VH-10 V-Hi-Hat which uses a single-cymbal floating design that can be mounted and played on a traditional acoustic hi-hat stand. It provides the same playing feel as an acoustic hi-hat with natural rebound feel and swinging motion of the hi-hat cymbal. It also features open/closed motion and bow/edge sounds for executing traditional playing techniques to perfection. *VH-10 hi-hats included with TD-17KVX model only

Great Sounds Lead To Great Performances

The TD-17’s sound engine delivers a superior drumming experience thanks to Prismatic Sound Modeling technology inherited from the flagship TD-50 sound module. Begin playing and you’ll notice a wider dynamic range and dramatic tonal changes, depending on where and how hard you strike the pad. From rim shots, rolls, flams, and ghost notes on the snare to dramatic crash hits, sustained cymbal swells, and half-open position on the hi-hats along with different sounds for the bow and edge, every nuance is detailed, accurate, and ultra-smooth.

The Feel of an Acoustic Kick Drum (But Quieter)

A nice solid kick drum usually comes with a nice loud noise. Sometimes that’s exactly what you want, but your family or neighbors may not feel the same way. The KD-10 kick pad absorbs much of the noise thanks to its rubber cover combined with a dedicated cushion, but retains that satisfying kick drum ‘thud’ when a beater buries into a bass drum head, so it’s ideal for playing at home where loud noise may cause problems. It’s compatible with all standard kick pedals, single or double kick.

Acoustic Drumming Techniques Accepted Here

Although each model in the TD-17 series is compact, they’re all kitted out for professional performance—especially the TD-17KVX which comes with two crash cymbals and the VH-10 hi-hat. Across the entire range, the position and angle of each pad is fully adjustable, while the distance between the pads and the drummer is similar to what you’d find on an acoustic kit.

The Essential Tools to Improve Your Drumming

First thing’s first: drummers should be able to keep a solid beat before moving on to the exciting stuff. But mastering the basics is exciting too, as it provides a solid foundation for building your skills, not forgetting that tracking your progress is highly motivating too. The TD-17 module includes a Coach Mode to support your daily exercise regime. You can warm up, develop your sense of groove, tempo and timing, and even work on your stamina—all with a score that tells you how you’re doing.


Roland RDT-S – Saddle Throne – Velour top

SADDLE DRUM THRONE Designed for the professional, the Roland RDT-S drum throne delivers maximum comfort without loss of support. Our proprietary blend of foam provides a forgiving, cushioning core that relieves typical pressure points, and the oversized seat features a breathable velour top that reduces heat and keeps you cool. The sturdy, double-braced chrome base and heavy-duty steel bracket provide easy height adjustment and lasting durability. Built to perform in the most demanding applications, you’ll find comfort and stability with the RDT-S drum throne. Roland proprietary foam design provides superior comfort and support Oversized soft plush seat top Simple height-adjustment collar Durable commercial-grade materials Saddle-shape velour top and black vinyl sides Sturdy double-braced chrome base with steel bracket Min/max height: 20 in. to 27 in., 508 mm to 685.8 mm

Westbury DT600D Drum Throne

Westbury DT600D Double Braced Drum Throne.

Waltons 10BSES-RSW1

Waltons Rosewood Spoons. Small. One pair.

Mano Percussion MP-TC White

Cutaway Tambourine w/ 16 pairs of jingles

Nasom IND60A

Indonesian Djembe 60cm with different designs

Neotech PERCST Percussion Strap

Neotech's extra long Percussion Strap is a comfortable alternative to the standard strap. Its unique curved design conforms to the shape of your shoulders. This system effectively disperses the weight while absorbing the shock of your movements. With the neoprene Percussion Strap, you're able to remain standing and move freely about while maintaining the proper playing position. There's no other strap like it! (Djembe not included)

Yamaha EAD10 – Electronic Acoustic Drum Module

With the EAD10 Electronic Acoustic Drum Module, drummers can dynamically change the sound of their acoustic kit. From practicing to recording or performing, EAD10 has features for all applications. Built-in bass drum triggering for reinforced attack and XY mics to collect the overall drum kit combine to bring high quality sound to any environment and any kit. Through the use of an iOS App, drummers can easily record, edit, alter, and share their playing. Simply put, EAD10 will make your drums do more. 50 preset/200 user Scenes. transform your acoustic drum sounds dynamically. Just attach the EAD10 sensor to the bass drum and you can pick up overall drum sounds. With the free iOS app you can practice, shoot, edit and upload videos of your drum performances.
Roland TD07KV - V-Drums Kit

Roland TD07KV – V-Drums Kit

The Next Step in Your Electronic Drumming Journey Conveniently compact and ideal for drumming at home, the TD-07KV V-Drums kit delivers the superior expression and playability of high-end V-Drums in an affordable package. Roland’s original ultra-quiet, double-ply mesh heads feature across the snare and tom pads, while large crash and ride pads and a dedicated kick pad with realistic, satisfying pedal feel round out the kit. The TD-07KV also lets you explore creative opportunities that go far beyond any acoustic kit, with deep editing tools to craft custom sounds, onboard Bluetooth to play along with music tracks and lessons, USB to connect with computer recording software, and much more. Watch Vidéo

Roland RDT-SV – Drum Throne – Vinyl top

SADDLE DRUM THRONE WITH RUGGED VINYL SEAT Designed for the professional, the Roland RDT-SV drum throne delivers maximum comfort without loss of support. Our proprietary blend of foam provides a forgiving, cushioning core that relieves typical pressure points, and the oversized seat has a rugged vinyl top that will stand up to years of daily use. The sturdy, double-braced chrome base and heavy-duty steel bracket provide easy height adjustment and lasting durability. Built to perform in the most demanding applications, you’ll find comfort and stability with the RDT-SV drum throne. Roland proprietary foam design provides superior comfort and support Oversized saddle seat with rugged vinyl top Simple height adjustment collar Durable commercial-grade materials Sturdy double-braced chrome base with steel bracket Min/max height: 20 in. to 27 in., 508 mm to 685.8 mm  

Yamaha DTX402K

The DTX sounds combine years of exerience creating authentic, top-quality drum sounds with 10 built-in drum kits, including acoustic effects and electronic sounds to help you find the perfect voice. The DTX402K features a silent Bass Drum design for easy operation and reduced volume.    Yamaha has created the DTX402 Touch app available for both iOS and Android devices. Drummers can use this app to fully customize kits to fit their sound and setup preferences, as well as to operate training functions and access video tutorials for practice exercises. The app also features a Challenge Mode to test a drummer's skill using a variety of music styles with different difficulty levels.    The DTX's 10 built-in training functions include the Pad Gate Function, suited even to beginners, which trains you up gradually over time, the rhythm Gate Function, which fosters a precise sense of rhythm fundamental for drumming, and the Fast Blast Function, which measures the speed of your strokes. There is also a scoring function so you can assess your skills objectively. Take advantage of this complete range of support functions to improve your power of expression as a drummer.    On the Challenge Mode function, play along with the built-in training tracks like a game. Once you complete the final stage, you'll receive a drummer's certificate from Yamaha. You can also use the Editor function to customize drum kits. The DTX402 series also works with the Rec'n'Share ios app so you can practice and perform with your favourite music and quickly share with your friends and social. The sounds combine years of experience creating authentic, top-quality drum sounds with 10 built-in drum kits. 10 built-in training functions and improve your groove and expression as a drummer. Combining newly developed drum pads with silent kick unit.   Specs - Model: DTX402K   Size/Weight (Trigger Module) Dimensions (W x H x D): 269 x 147 x 39 mm Weight: 0.5 kg   Tone generator Voices: Drum and percussion: 287, Keyboard: 128 Drum kits: 10 (all of which may be edited and overwritten) Click Tempo: 30 to 300 BPM (Tap Tempo and Voice Guidance functions) Beat: 1/4 to 9/4 Other Connectors: SNARE, CRASH, HI-HAT CTL, KICK/PAD (mini stereo audio), TOM1, TOM2, TOM3, RIDE, HI-HAT(mini mono audio), USB TO HOST (type B), AUX IN (mini stereo audio), PHONES/OUTPUT (standard stereo audio), DC IN Power Supply: PA-130 (or an equivalent recommended by Yamaha) Power Consumption: 5 W

Roland TD17KV – V-Drums – with stand

TD-17 Become a Better Drummer, Faster. When you’re serious about drumming, you need a kit to match your ambition. The V-Drums TD-17 series lets your technique shine through, backed up with training tools to push you further. Combining a TD-50-class sound engine with newly developed pads results in an affordable electronic drum kit that’s authentically close to playing acoustic drums—accurately mirroring the physical movement, stick coordination and hand/foot control that every drummer needs. Meanwhile, an array of built-in coaching functions will track your technique, measure your progress and increase your motivation. Becoming a better drummer is still hard work, but the TD-17 can help you get there.  

Roland SPD::ONE KICK – Percussion Pad

The Simplest Way to Add Four-on-the-Floor Beats and Kick Drums to Your Performances   The Roland SPD::ONE KICK is a new type of digital percussion pad, one that allows any musician to add genuine kick drum and percussion sounds to their performances. It contains 22 realistic percussion sounds, including kick drums, stomp box, shakers, cowbells, and more, and you can even import your own original audio data into one of the 12 internal sound banks. Once you’re ready to go, the SPD::ONE KICK’s robust-yet-sensitive pad can be played with sticks, hands, or feet, and trigger threshold settings are easily adjusted with intuitive controls.   Powered by batteries or AC, the portable SPD::ONE KICK can be used on the floor or a tabletop, or mounted to any rig or drum setup with the included adapter. Operation is simple, even for those musicians who are not technical; just by using four knobs on the control panel, you can change the sound, volume, balance, and more. Whether you’re a drummer, percussion player, guitarist, DJ, or vocalist, the SPD::ONE KICK is a simple and flexible way to expand your sound palette and invigorate your performances. Light, compact digital percussion pad that can be played with drumsticks, hands, or feet 22 onboard sounds, including genuine kick drum and percussion sounds Import your own WAV data via USB to one of the 12 sound banks Edit and control your sounds easily with just four knobs Runs on batteries (4 x AA) or AC adaptor Main output (mono) and headphones output (stereo) for monitoring USB-MIDI enables use as a pad controller for music software Can be floor or tabletop mounted, or fitted to drum hardware and mic stands using the included mounting adapter

Westbury HH800D

Westbury hi-hat stand, double braced.

Westbury DP600D

Westbury bass drum pedal, double spring.

Pearl P-930 – Bass Drum Pedal

Pearl’s P-930 merges many of the advanced features of our Flagship Demon Drive with our Award winning Eliminator line to create a bass drum pedal never before available in this price range. High end performance inspired from our Demon Drive like the longboard footboard, Control Core beater and our Click-Lock spring tension keepers combine with our PowerShifter and Eliminator style cam technology that uses our Perfect Circle cam with a removable Orange Progressive Cam for fully tunable performance and lightning speed and control. If you want fast feet and you’re on a budget, Pearl’s P-930 is the ultimate pedal to step up to.

Korg KR Mini – Rhythm Partner

Your trusted rhythm partner Power-up your practicing with diverse rhythm patterns! A great companion for practicing guitar, bass, acoustic guitar, winds, or any type of instrument! The KR mini - an easy, simple and compact rhythm machine with a built-in speaker and optional batter power for play-anywhere convenience!   Many musicians wish that they could enjoy casually performing while being backed up by real rhythm patterns rather than just a metronome. Korg has responded to these wishes with the KR Mini rhythm machine. It features a simple design that eliminates all complex functions, looks that overflow with nostalgia and analog-like controls. Playing a rhythm pattern is easy as making selection and pressing play. A total of 60 diverse rhythm patterns and 120 fills are ready to accompany you. Easy, simple and compact, the KR mini can play its role anywhere. Easy and simple design; just select a rhythm pattern and press the play button Chain function lets you arrange your favorite rhythm patterns and fill-ins to create complete songs Optional foot switch lets you control fill-in/start/stop hands-free Tap the 16 pads for finger drumming or recording your own performances Built-in speaker with 2W output helps you jam anywhere without the need for an additional monitor Headphone/speaker jack for quite practice or connection to an external monitoring system Two-way power; use the AC adaptor or batteries (AA alkaline batteries x 3)

Sabian 18″ B8 Pro Medium Crash – 31808B

Solid weight increases volume, power, and definition for cleaner, penetrating punches.

Mano Percussion MP987 Mini Cajon

Mano Mini Cajon. Matte Rosewood Veneer.

Vic Firth Rute 606

For the Rute player who prefers a rubber handle and fixed position band. Designed for all-around playing. With 19 dowels (.125"). L = 16 1/8" | Handle thickness = .590"

Angel Glockenspiel AX27N

Chromatic, 27 coloured metal bars fitted into plastic case. Retractable legs on case to give better sound projection. Complete with beaters.

Waltons 10BSES-RSW2

Waltons Rosewood Spoons. Large

Trophy Musical Spoons – 3470

Trophy's musical spoons are made of chrome-plated steel to give handsome and durable finish. Two spoons are attached by the handles and come with printed instructions. Join in with a band playing rhythm with the spoons or play as a solo! "Play them on your fingers, elbows, hips or knees!"

Mano Percussion MP-TC Red

Cutaway Tambourine w/ 16 pairs of jingles