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BeaverCreek BCTC901 – 4/4 Classic Guitar – Natural

Nylon String 901 Series Classical Guitar, Spruce Top, Natural Finish. The 901 Series is BeaverCreek's most popular classical model. This is a full size nylon string guitar that produces a soft sound and deep tone.

Korg PitchCrow-G – Electronic Tuner

KORG’s clip-on tuners can be easily attached to the headstock of your instrument for convenient and accurate tuning. The new PitchCrow-G is the latest addition to KORG’s lineup of clip-on tuners for guitar and bass. The PitchCrow-G is the most compact of all fully-featured clip-on tuners. Its streamlined design includes everything you need to tune accurately, quickly and is approximately 20% smaller and lighter than previous KORG models. Included with the PitchCrow-G is a vivid full-color LCD and dedicated guitar/bass modes, as well as a new ultra-high precision fine tuning function that allows for accuracy as great at ±0.1 cents. Battery life is also approximately three times longer than previous units, allowing for approximately 24 hours of continuous operation. Forty years after it developed the world’s first needle-type meter tuner, KORG is proud to set the new standard for accuracy and reliability in clip-on 

TC Electronic PolyTune Clip

A Total Tuning Triumph   PolyTune Clip is much more than just a clip-on tuner, it's a revolution! Perfectly combining state of the art tuning technology with an unprecedented attention to aesthetics and functionality, PolyTune Clip gives a tune-up that's unmatched in speed, precision and grace. Not only is PolyTune Clip the best PolyTune we've ever made - we believe it's the best tuner by any measure.  The Holy Tuning Trinity PolyTune Clip is designed to be your trusty tuning companion, whether you're going for a quick onstage tune-up or an ultra-precise setup of your instrument. PolyTune Clip sports three distinct tuning modes ranging from the game-changing polyphonic tuning mode that lets you tune all 6 strings at once, to your trusty chromatic tuner and all the way to an ultra-precise strobe tuner mode, which offers +/-0.02 cents of tuning precision. No matter what method you choose to use, the tuning trinity of PolyTune Clip will always guide you to pitch perfection.

TC Electronic Ditto Looper

Ditto Looper is the looper you try once and love for life. And you simply gotta try it. We've taken all that is good about loopers, trimmed away all the non-essential, mood-killing tech hoopla and ended up with a looper that is intuitive, tons of fun, sounds great and doesn't break the bank.

TC Electronic SUB ‘N’ UP Octaver

Next-Generation Polyphonic Octave Pedal with Monophonic Octaver and Built-In TonePrint Technology Next-generation octave pedal offers flawless polyphonic tracking, a monophonic octaver and built-in TonePrint technology Advanced polyphonic octave engine gives you lightning-fast note tracking and impeccable octave tones Cool monophonic octaver replicates that classic old-school octave pedal flavor TonePrint-enabled to let you beam cool signature tones into your pedal with the free TonePrint App Design your own customized effects from scratch with free TonePrint Editor for PC, Mac* and iPad* True bypass allows for optimum clarity and zero high-end loss when the pedal is off Optional buffered bypass mode prevents high frequency loss from long cable runs Kill-Dry feature removes the dry signal path for use with parallel effects loops PA-rattling Sub 2 control knob brings in a signal 2 octaves below your original tone for powerful impact  Simple, easy-to-use controls let you focus on playing Compact format fits on any pedal board High-quality components to give you flawless octave tones in a pedal format

TC Electronic Polytune 3 – Tuner

Whilst retaining popular features, such as multiple tuning modes - including polyphonic, chromatic, ultra-precise strobe mode and alternate tunings - we've added one key new feature: a buffer. But not just any buffer. By incorperating our acclaimed BonaFide Buffer into PolyTune 3 we ensure that your signal - and therefore your tone - remains pristinely preserved over long cable runs and complex pedal setups. By gathering two of our most powerful technologies into one pedal, we guarantee that PolyTune 3 is a force to be reckoned with.   Built-in, high quality BonaFide Buffer   Selectable True Bypass / True Buffer modes   "Always On" tuning mode

Roland Cube 10GX – Guitar Amplifier – 1×8”

CUBE-10GX: Guitar Amplifier Customizable Tones for Jamming and Practice   With its impressive sound, built-in effects, and the ability to swap COSM® amp types via a free app for iOS and Android devices, the CUBE-10GX is the perfect small amp for jamming, bedroom practice, and recording. Built to the respected CUBE standard, the CUBE-10GX delivers big, full tones with its custom 8-inch speaker and heavy-duty cabinet design. Clean, Crunch, and Lead amp types come ready to play from the factory, but you can easily switch them out from your favorite mobile device. The CUBE KIT app includes multiple amps to choose from, including vintage classics, ultra-heavy gain machines, and even amps for bass and acoustic-electric guitar. The compact CUBE-10GX also includes options for shaping your tones even further with three-band EQ and onboard chorus, delay, and reverb effects. Compact 10-watt guitar amp with custom-designed 8-inch speaker Three preset COSM amp types: Clean, Crunch, and Lead Replace preset amps with custom COSM amps via the free CUBE KIT app for iOS and Android devices Three onboard effects: chorus, delay, and reverb (including plate and spring reverb types) Bass, Middle, and Treble tone controls Rec Out/Phones jack provides high-quality direct tones for quiet practice and recording Aux In jack for jamming with an external music player

TC Electronic Ditto X2

The original Ditto Looper rocked guitarists with a lust for looping like nothing else. Finally something that was simple, made for guitarists and sounded great. What would possibly be better? Well, how about all of that, plus new, next level looping features forged from pure awesome?

Roland E80- Arranger 61 keys (Second hand)

Roland E-80 61 keys Keyboard Arranger (used) Original value: $4,599.99 Creating a buzz at the moment in the world of arranger keyboards is Roland’s new E series of which the E80 is king. Roland themselves describe the E80 as their ‘most complete arranger keyboard yet’ which places some pretty high expectations on this instrument. For those unfamiliar with the term, ‘arranger’ describes keyboards that have built in backing styles and functions that make it easy/fast to create songs; if this interests you, read on.
  • Wide variety of sounds
  • Breathtaking musical content
  • Attractive cosmetic design
  • Powerful onboard speaker system
  • Vocal Harmonist built-in
  • User interface that makes you feel at home

Sigma GJM-SGE+ Jumbo Satin Vintage Sunburst (second hand)

Sigma GJM-SGE (second hand) Original value: $569.99 The voluminous Sigma GJM-SGE grand jumbo guitar is a sound-wielding instrument for rehearsals, performances and solos. The acoustic guitar with mahogany body has a solid tonewood top made of genuine Sitka spruce and has been equipped with an in-house Sigma CE 304 pickup system for additional flexibility in modern applications. The Sigma GJM-SGE embodies the open sound of massive Sitka spruce in combination with warm and contoured sounds of the mahogany body. Due to the immense resonance volume of the 14-Fret Grand Jumbo, the guitarist has an immense dynamic range from low voice accompaniment to the most powerful lead vocals. Suitable for both flat and fingerpickers! The CE-304 pickup system from Sigma ensures a natural sound reduction of the acoustic sound image and prepares the signal by means of an active pre-amplifier for amplifiers or recording devices. As a result, the Sigma GJM-SGE can be used not only purely acoustically, but also quite flexibly for enhanced performances or recordings in the best studio quality. The system is powered by a 9V battery and has an integrated tuner.

Gibson J15 Modern Classic Acoustic/Electric – Natural

Gibson AC15ANNH J15 Modern Classic Acoustic/Electric - Natural (second hand) Original value: 1799.99
  • Handcrafted Exclusively from solid North American tonewoods; Sitka Spruce and American Walnut
  • Scalloped spruce bracing beneath an X-braced Sitka Spruce top provide power and projection
  • The hand-sprayed nitrocellulose finish allows the unique character of the wood grain to speak for itself
  • LR Baggs Element pickup
  • Custom hardshell case with plush-lined interior

Korg Pa900 – Professional Arranger

Korg - PA900 (second hand) Orignial value: $2,199.99
  • 61 key semi–weighted keyboard with velocity and aftertouch
  • Big TouchView™ 7” TFT display
  • Enhanced RX (Real eXperience) sound engine offers improved realism and new vivid sound
  • Massive internal ROM – plus up to 192 MB of user PCM data – provides a powerful wave memory, delivering the best sound quality possible

Technics – PR804 Digital Ensemble Piano

Technics - Second hand Digital Piano - PR804 Original value: $6,999.99

New Dimensions to the Technics Digital piano

Technics tradition of superb musical expression is joined by an on-board education suite making learning to play the piano even more fun. Digital networking expands your musical horizons on the Technics PR804 ,with USB for easy connection to your PC and a moniter output to view the screen contents on a TV. A stunning cabinet design completes the picture. Expression, entertainment, connectivity- the new dimension digital ensembles.

Musical Training

Each PR model stores 100 songs, giving you a wide range of themes to select for self guided lessons arranged with piano as the central instrument. Practice is a lot more fun too, thanks to features such as on screen score and excercise assistance.

TC Electronic AEON – Infinite Sustainer

Handheld Infinite Sustainer with Powerful Transducers in a Cool and Compact Build Handheld infinite sustainer made from high-quality materials Powerful custom-made transducers for fast string excitement Cool and compact build for ease of use Create inspiring new sounds including drones, fade-ins, bowing and more Increased string clearance allows for incredibly expressive and dynamic playing 9 V battery is conveniently included with purchase Works with guitar, bass and other stringed instruments Brushed aluminum enclosure design for style and life on the road


Closed-back Studio Headphones - Black - Two Cables, Two Sets Earpads


The CAD Audio MH320 is a closed back, circumaural, precision built monitor headphone. The MH320 is equipped with 45mm neodymium drivers offering extended frequency response while delivering exception detail and clarity.


Closed-back studio headphones. • High Output 40mm neodymium drivers deliver powerful sound. • Extended frequency response provide detail and clarity • High quality construction ensures years of durability • Leather earpads contain high density memory foam for enhanced comfort


Closed-Back studio headphones. 50mm Neodymium drivers offer extended frequency response for exceptional detail and clarity Designed with an easy-fold design Comfort-fit headband allow hours of comfortable, fatigue-free listening.

Danelectro Filthy Rich Tremolo – DBT1

Tremolo Pedal Danelectro® invented the thickest, deepest amplifier tremolo in the late 1940’s. Billionaire® brings back this original Danelectro® technology for the richest tremolo tones ever. One listen and this will be a prized part of your arsenal.

Danelectro Pride of Texas – DBP1

Overdrive Pedal Aces the bluesy tone of one of the greatest players ever to walk the earth. Fattens up signal without loss of clarity or voice. Adds push and fatness to single coil or humbuckers. Plenty of boost for crunch rhythm or solos. If you can take only one pedal into the studio to record your dream tune, make sure it is this one.

Danelectro Big Spender Spinning Speaker – DBK1

Rotary Modulation Pedal Best ever spinning speaker tones. Rich, lush and sparkling. Ramp switch lets you initiate next ramp move and select direction of ramp move (up or down). Even if you never liked spinning speaker effects, you’ll love this. Mesmerizing!

Danelectro Cash Cow – DBC1

Overdrive Pedal Money talks. But this Cow screams! Chunky, full-bodied chords leap from the amp with note for note clarity. From oversaturated to classic tones. Cleans up with guitar volume control. Huge low end. Bright chimey highs. It is all here. Welcome to the land of milk and honey!

Danelectro Billion Dollar Boost – DBB1

Secret weapon of A-list Irish and Brit rockers. Reissue of rare 1980's "hidden gem". Stellar boost of all frequencies, plus clean pre amp with gobs of gain. Crisp clean tone with volume set at 50% or less. Hits amp for crunchy bite with volume past 50%. You will never part with this one.

Kala Spalted Maple Concert

Spalted Maple Concert, Kala Model KA-SMC, Concert Size Ukulele, Spalted Maple Top Wood, Spalted Maple Back & Side Wood, Satin Finish.


Compact Version of Hugely Popular Sub 'N' Up Octaver with Advanced Polyponic Octave Engine and TonePrint-Enabled Technology for Easy Custom Effects Hugely popular octave pedal in mini version offers flawless polyphonic tracking and built-in TonePrint technology   Advanced polyphonic octave engine gives you lightning-fast note tracking and impeccable octave tones  TonePrint-enabled to let you beam cool signature tones into your pedal with the free TonePrint App Dedicated bass TonePrints* swap upper octave for a P.A.-rattling, Richter-scale-breaking 2 octaves down  Design your own customized effects from scratch with free TonePrint Editor for PC, Mac* and iPad*  Cool monophonic octaver replicates that classic old-school octave pedal flavor Extra-small enclosure easily fits on any pedal board Simple, easy-to-use controls let you focus on playing High-quality components to give you flawless octave tones in a pedal format 3-Year Warranty Program* Designed and engineered in Denmark

TC Helicon Perform-VK – Vocal Processor for Keyboard

Ultimate Mic Stand-Mount Vocal Processor for Studio-Quality Sound with Expandable Effects and Keyboard I/O Ultimate stand-mount vocal processor gives you simple and fast studio-quality sound with expandable effects and keyboard input / output Built-in Adaptive Tone plus sweet harmony, reverb, and echo effects let you quickly create pro studio quality vocals Beam additional effects onto three preset buttons, choosing from hundreds of available presets, to perfectly fit your musical style 1/4-inch stereo keyboard input / output lets you have more control at your fingertips with MIDI note and continuous control entry

Furch RS31SF-B2 – Vintage 31 Dreadnaught Rounded Shoulders

The first guitar to appear with the Furch brand name on the headstock was built in 1981. Nowadays the company is run by both František and his son Petr, and they continue to produce a range of top class instruments. They are constantly experimenting with new design and construction techniques, and applying modern research and technology in their quest to advance the acoustic qualities of their instruments.    The Line 31 guitar come with a Sitka Spruce top and the ever-popular Flammed Maple for the back and sides. This is the first model line to feature our beautiful hand-brushed Vintage Finish. A truly great choice.

Furch BAR21SW – Millenium 21 Baritone

The first guitar to appear with the Furch brand name on the headstock was built in 1981. Nowadays the company is run by both František and his son Petr, and they continue to produce a range of top class instruments. They are constantly experimenting with new design and construction techniques, and applying modern research and technology in their quest to advance the acoustic qualities of their instruments. The Millenium Line is comprised of five build levels.  They are named with series numbers 20 to 25, and as well, as the numbers go up, the instruments become increasingly deluxe in all aspects.  This line is inspired from contemporary and original designs and so the instruments are therefore much more modern in appearance and form. Line 21 is the big sister of Line 20 with similar features including an all solid body. The top is made from Sitka Spruce and the back and sides are the beautiful sounding Black Walnut wood. The natural feeling of this instrument is underlined by the Open-Pore finish. Our baritone line features instruments that are built to expand and enhance the sound spectrum of your performance. The redesigned Baritone body-shape combined with a scale length of 710 mm both contribute to the deep tones produced, and with the balance and power typical of Furch Guitars. This setup adjusted for ‘B’ tuning delivers tones and harmonics unavailable from an ordinary guitar.

Knabe WKG 64 – 6’4″ Grand Piano – Walnut Satin Gloss

6'4" Grand Piano: Walnut Satin Gloss. (piano in picture is black)

Knabe WG-50 – 5′ Grand piano – Ebony High polish

4' 11 1/2" Grand piano Ebony High polish. Also available in satin black, mahogny and walnut, high polish or satin.

TC Electronic Corona Mini Chorus

 So much chorussy goodness in such a tiny pedal? People have been chased out of town for less, but we're telling you, we did it! If THAT sounds too good to be true, wait until you hear this pedal! Lush, thick and swirly, in a form factor chorus-smugglers around the world and guitarists with precious little room on their boards would appreciate.   Did you know that the classic TC Electronic SCF Chorus sound is one of the true staples of music? Still used in every pro-studio and on countless pro guitarists' pedalboard, the SCF's beautiful sounds continue to define music.   We've also added a Tri-Chorus; three chorus engines that run simultaneously for a sound so awesome you should wear a helmet the first couple of times you play it - just so your brain doesn't splatter all over the place when the sound blows your mind.

JHS Pedals “STEAK ‘N’ EGGS” Overdrive/Compressor

From JHS : JHS Pedals and boutique guitar pedal legend Keeley Electronics have teamed up to bring you a 2-in-1 collaboration of two essential circuits with a few delicious surprises.   The Steak & Eggs is a perfect pairing of overdrive and compression that you may never turn off. The ingredients of the dish are a modified JHS Pedals Morning Glory and a modified Keeley Electronics Compressor… both of which can only be found in this offering.   The left side is the JHS Pedals Morning Glory circuit with a new gain setting that has never before been available in a previous version of the circuit. For years JHS Pedals has been asked for a higher gain version of the Morning Glory that keeps the character of the circuit but gives you more power. JHS released a limited run of 135 pedals in 2012 called the State Line and this pedal included a modified version of the Morning Glory. However, the high gain modification found in the Steak & Eggs circuit is totally new and re-thought from the ground up. JHS feels this is the perfecting ingredient to the already prestigious Morning Glory giving it power, punch, and dirt at the flick of a switch. The gain switch works two different ways in correspondence with the drive control. When the drive control is below 80% the toggle adds headroom and punch, when the drive control is maxed it adds more dirt, saturation and gain to the circuit for the most available drive ever in the circuits history. The standard bright cut toggle everyone is familiar with is still available via an internal dip switch. Whether you like over-easy, sunny-side up, poached, or hard-boiled, this will be a glorious morning treat.   The right side of the Steak & Eggs is a new three knob version of the classic Keeley Electronics Compressor. The Compressor features a blend control which allows players to blend back in their original unaffected signal for very punchy tones and the tenderest compression available. It's great for humbuckers where over-compression can result in a dull tone; this design helps retain brightness. An all new mid and treble emphasis circuit has been incorporated in this design as well. The "Bright Switch " is also new to the Keeley Compressor. Flicking the toggle switch up allows players to fine tune the highs in their signal by pushing the perfect frequency range for that "jangly" tone! The compressor also features a fast release time allowing players to experience all the warmth and sustain of the earlier Keeley designs yet retain clarity in note definition. If the player would like a more spongy, tube-like compression, there is an internal DIP switch that gives you the classic Keeley sound, perfect for chicken- pickin’! The Sustain Control is where all the magic happens. As with all of the vintage Keeley OTA designed compressors, the Sustain control may make a swoosh sound as rotated and it will not affect performance when playing.   In the center you will find a toggle to select the order of the effects. When the toggle is to the right, the Compressor is first. When the toggle is to the left, the Morning Glory is first. This gives you total control over the way the compression and overdrive affect one another.   With these modified classic overdrive and compression circuits in one box, the Steak and Eggs is the perfect staple for your pantry. Marinate your ears and incubate your tone with the Steak and Eggs.   The Steak & Eggs is truly a collaborative effort that couldn't have happened without the help of Jon Cusack and Cusack Music populating the PCBs in Holland, Michigan. Thanks to Cusack Music for making the process of two companies' designs come together easily and efficiently!   Modifications to original circuits by Josh Scott and Robert Keeley. Final PCB layout, powder coating, printing and drilling of the enclosure by Keeley Electronics in Edmond, OK. PCBs populated by Cusack Music in Holland, MI. Final assembly, Quality Control, packaging and shipping by JHS Pedals in Kansas City, MO. We are proud to keep this product 100% made-in-USA.  

TC Electronic Helix Phaser

Enter the Helix No you're not hallucinating, the Helix Phaser has finally landed and it's ready to take your tone to new inspiring heights with all the massive mind-bending swooshes and swirly goodness you could possibly desire. But be warned! Once you turn this pedal on, you may never want to turn it off again. Amazing range of high-quality phaser tones TonePrint enabled True Bypass

Fender Passport Venue – Portable PA – 600 Watts

The Fender Passport VENUE system is a self-contained portable audio system that includes everything you need for great sound anywhere you go. Carry your Passport as you would a suitcase, and simply flip open the cabinet release latches when you're ready to set it up. Inside you'll discover two full-range speaker cabinets, a powered mixer and all the cables you'll need to get started. Passport VENUE is ideal for an array of applications, including education, sporting and worship events; meetings, seminars and presentations; and DJ and band gigs. Passport VENUE also features a convenient USB record/playback system that lets you record WAV audio files using a USB flash drive and play WAV and MP3 files.