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Buying a piano represents a very difficult challenge. A consumer who is looking for a good deal may have found at the end of the buying process a few bad surprises, that could make the piano useless for educational purposes while having fallen in a money pit. The market is flooded with used pianos for sale, especially on Internet. 
So, here are a few questions we should ask ourselves:
  • How can we find about the real age of the piano?
  • Was it purchased brand new or used?
  • How can we find if the piano was really tuned and checked on a regular basis, meaning at least once a year?
  • How can we find out if a piano supposedly tuned will keep its tuning?
  • In what condition is the pinblock, the bridge, the soundboard, the felts, the strings, the action and its adjustment?
  • Was the piano location always adequate?  
  • Has the piano been moved many times?
  • Was the piano always maintained in a humidified environment of around 45%?
  • If not, is the piano equipped with an internal humidifying system?
  • What are the criteria needed to find out if the price being asked is right or not?
  • Why do we find so many pianos to be literally given away on the Internet?
  • What will be the transport costs be?
  • To obtain a used piano compatible with the standards required for musical education, what amount of money will I have to spend?  
  • Are we really saving lots of money when buying a used piano instead of a new, especially when the warranty is over?
  • How about digital pianos? How about today’s technology? And how about their piano actions?
Under Mr. Christian Nantel’s direction, Bachelor of Music, President and Manager of the Pianos’ Department, Nantel’s advised team of technicians and consultants will definitely be able to answer all your questions by giving you the maximum of information to fulfill YOUR needs and to help you choosing the right piano for you, without any kind of pressure.
You will find at Nantel Musique a vast variety of both acoustic and digital pianos, used or new.  All our pianos are covered by a complete warranty.
Finally, learn more about our different no interest payment plans.