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Nantel Music Store offers a complete repair service for most musical instruments.


Our technicians are qualified to repair all electronic equipment, digital pianos, keyboards, amplifiers, speakers, audio of all kinds, etc...

Stringed Instruments Repair Shop


As a music store and a music school, we believe it is important to offer a personalized repair service to optimize the performance of your instrument.

Nantel Music Store is the only store and/or school which employs a luthier with 28 years of experience, available in Laval.

Whether for a tuning, a transformation, a modification or any repair needs for any stringed instruments (acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass guitar, violins, cello, double bass etc…) our specialist is qualified to offer a personalized touch to your instrument that will satisfy your requirements.



We offer a large variety of products available for short term rental, including:

  • Acoustic or Digital Pianos
  • Amplifiers
  • Basses
  • Electric, Classical and Acoustic Guitars
  • Keyboards
  • Mixers
  • Speakers
  • Synthesizers

For long-term rentals we suggest our Buy-Back Plan, which is more affordable and flexible. Please inquire for more details.