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MXR Dyna Comp MIni Compresser M291

Le compresseur Dyna Comp Mini combine le meilleur de la tonalité classique et la commodité moderne dans un boîtier qui est près de la moitié de la taille de l'original. Grâce à son circuit intégré (CI) métallique CA3080, cette pédale offre un fonctionnement plus silencieux, une plus grande transparence et une plage dynamique accrue. Un tout nouveau commutateur d'attaque bascule entre les temps d'attaque lents et rapides.

MXR Dyna Comp M102

Dyna Comp Compressor / Limiter - une pédale qui restreint les écarts de dynamique du signal. Quand on combine le contrôle sensibilité, on augmente la durée des sons à l’infini sans saturation. Caractéristiques: contrôles au pied du volume de sortie et de la sensibilité, commutateur et voyant à DEL. 0,9 lb, Rouge.

TC Electronic Hypergravity Compressor

Exceptional Multiband Compression Pedal with Vintage Compressor Mode and Built-In TonePrints* Compact compressor pedal offers exceptional multiband compression plus a sweet vintage compressor mode Advanced MD3 multiband dynamics algorithm applies perfectly tailored compression to highs, mids and lows for an ultra-musical result Warm vintage mode lets you play with a classic stompbox compressor tone TonePrint-enabled to let you beam cool signature tones into your pedal with the free TonePrint App Design your own customized compression effects from scratch with free TonePrint Editor for PC, Mac*, and iPad* True bypass allows for optimum clarity and zero high-end loss when the pedal is off Optional buffered bypass mode prevents high frequency loss from long cable runs Simple, easy-to-use controls let you focus on playing Compact format fits on any pedal board High-quality components to give you a true studio-grade compressor in a pedal format Sturdy die-cast metal case designed for life on the road

Fender The Bends Compressor – 0234531000

Dynamics are a crucial part of playing music. When controlled they bring music to life, but uneven or wild playing can ruin a performance. We put our expertise to work creating The Bends Compressor, a studio-quality stompbox that tames wild volume spikes without altering your tone. Drive and Recovery controls let you dial in the perfect amount of compression to complement your playing style and extend sustain, while the Blend control lets you mix in the dry signal to maintain your natural pick attack. The Amp Jewel LED changes color from white to pink along with your playing to help show when the compression circuit is engaged and how long your signal is affected. Dual internal audio paths for low noise High-current symmetrical control path for fast response time LED backlit knobs Fender Amp Jewel LED Magnetically latched hinged 9V battery door Lightweight durable anodized aluminum construction

Boss BC1X Multibande

Une compression multibande intelligente pour les bassistes amateurs de dynamiques   Embarquant la technologie de pointe BOSS, la BC-1X Bass Comp est capable d'aller bien plus loin que les pédales de compression pour basse conventionnelles. Cette stompbox de qualité premium vous propose en effet une compression multibandes de qualité professionnelle, contrôlée par un circuit intelligent, qui permet d'obtenir simplement des sons naturels pour tous les styles de jeu. Elle st capable de s'adapter aux différentes dynamiques et aux divers registres de jeu en appliquant la dose idéale de compression en temps réel, sans jamais rendre votre son rétréci ou boueux. Transparente, puissante, facile d'utilisation, la BC-1X constitue un outil de choix qui vous procurera un son punchy de qualité studio, et une grande précision dans les dynamiques. Un circuit intelligent qui s'adapte à tous les registres et nuances de jeu, procurant une compression naturelle qui préserve les timbres fondamentaux de la basse Un traitement du signal interactif qui permet au musicien de régler une compression multibandes élaborée à l'aide de simples contrôleurs de type Stompbox Une électronique d'entrée de type 18 volts professionnelle fournit du Headroom pour tous les types de basses, pour un son clair et punchy sans distorsion Un indicateur de réduction de gain haute résolution permet d'apprécier le taux de compression d'un simple coup d'œil Un circuit numérique réduit considérablement le bruit, problème récurrent de la majorité des compresseurs La garantie cinq ans BOSS

MXR M87 – Compresseur pour Basse

Pédale de compression pensée pour les bassistes mais fonctionnant aussi avec une guitare. Permet de régler le temps de relâchement, l'attaque, les niveaux d'entrée et de sortie. Un bouton permet de choisir le ratio : 4, 8, 12 ou 20. En haut de la pédale, 10 leds affichent la réduction de gain effectuée par la pédale.

JHS Pedals « STEAK ‘N’ EGGS » – Overdrive/Compresseur

De JHS : JHS Pedals and boutique guitar pedal legend Keeley Electronics have teamed up to bring you a 2-in-1 collaboration of two essential circuits with a few delicious surprises.   The Steak & Eggs is a perfect pairing of overdrive and compression that you may never turn off. The ingredients of the dish are a modified JHS Pedals Morning Glory and a modified Keeley Electronics Compressor… both of which can only be found in this offering.   The left side is the JHS Pedals Morning Glory circuit with a new gain setting that has never before been available in a previous version of the circuit. For years JHS Pedals has been asked for a higher gain version of the Morning Glory that keeps the character of the circuit but gives you more power. JHS released a limited run of 135 pedals in 2012 called the State Line and this pedal included a modified version of the Morning Glory. However, the high gain modification found in the Steak & Eggs circuit is totally new and re-thought from the ground up. JHS feels this is the perfecting ingredient to the already prestigious Morning Glory giving it power, punch, and dirt at the flick of a switch. The gain switch works two different ways in correspondence with the drive control. When the drive control is below 80% the toggle adds headroom and punch, when the drive control is maxed it adds more dirt, saturation and gain to the circuit for the most available drive ever in the circuits history. The standard bright cut toggle everyone is familiar with is still available via an internal dip switch. Whether you like over-easy, sunny-side up, poached, or hard-boiled, this will be a glorious morning treat.   The right side of the Steak & Eggs is a new three knob version of the classic Keeley Electronics Compressor. The Compressor features a blend control which allows players to blend back in their original unaffected signal for very punchy tones and the tenderest compression available. It's great for humbuckers where over-compression can result in a dull tone; this design helps retain brightness. An all new mid and treble emphasis circuit has been incorporated in this design as well. The "Bright Switch " is also new to the Keeley Compressor. Flicking the toggle switch up allows players to fine tune the highs in their signal by pushing the perfect frequency range for that "jangly" tone! The compressor also features a fast release time allowing players to experience all the warmth and sustain of the earlier Keeley designs yet retain clarity in note definition. If the player would like a more spongy, tube-like compression, there is an internal DIP switch that gives you the classic Keeley sound, perfect for chicken- pickin’! The Sustain Control is where all the magic happens. As with all of the vintage Keeley OTA designed compressors, the Sustain control may make a swoosh sound as rotated and it will not affect performance when playing.   In the center you will find a toggle to select the order of the effects. When the toggle is to the right, the Compressor is first. When the toggle is to the left, the Morning Glory is first. This gives you total control over the way the compression and overdrive affect one another.   With these modified classic overdrive and compression circuits in one box, the Steak and Eggs is the perfect staple for your pantry. Marinate your ears and incubate your tone with the Steak and Eggs.   The Steak & Eggs is truly a collaborative effort that couldn't have happened without the help of Jon Cusack and Cusack Music populating the PCBs in Holland, Michigan. Thanks to Cusack Music for making the process of two companies' designs come together easily and efficiently!   Modifications to original circuits by Josh Scott and Robert Keeley. Final PCB layout, powder coating, printing and drilling of the enclosure by Keeley Electronics in Edmond, OK. PCBs populated by Cusack Music in Holland, MI. Final assembly, Quality Control, packaging and shipping by JHS Pedals in Kansas City, MO. We are proud to keep this product 100% made-in-USA.    

Jonny Rock Gear – Dino Range

The Dino Range is meant to be your set and forget compressor in a live application, or a complete and versatile machine in a studio environnement. From ambient sustain to plucked country riffs, or during your squashy funk grooves, it delivers everything you can expect from the beast. The "FREE" control (release time) lets you choose between a nice pumping effect (short release) or a very long sustained notes. The slow attack setting is ideal for strumming, you're gonna keep your pick attack while levelling the volume of your whole playing.   

JHS Pedals « PULP ‘N’ PEEL V4 »

De Jhs: The Pulp ‘N’ Peel V4 is the truly transparent compressor pedal you’ve been hoping for and much more. Its smooth-sounding parallel compression circuit offers you the power to blend in your ideal balance of compressed and uncompressed signal. You’re able to add a touch of grit to your tone thanks to the pedal’s Dirt mini toggle. Also, whether you’re a bassist sending your signal direct or a guitarist running the Pulp ‘N’ Peel on your pedalboard, the pedal’s ¼” and balanced XLR outputs have you covered. This compressor/preamp pedal sports a ton of tone-shaping power. So no matter what your compression needs, the Pulp ‘N’ Peel V4 is your go-to solution.   The exact compression you’ve been waiting for We know how much effort you put into getting your tone exactly right. That’s why we worked extremely hard to ensure the Pulp ‘N’ Peel V4 maintains your instrument’s natural attack, has a very low noise floor, and adds a professional polish to every chord, lead line, and note that blooms out of your amplifier. Improved detection circuit for smoother tones with added sustain Active EQ control that cuts or boosts high end Parallel Blend control balances your compressed and uncompressed signals Warm studio-style grit to help you cut through Whether you’re looking to warm up your sound in the studio or want to add some grind for the stage, flip the Dirt mini toggle and you’re there. Want to push your amp hard for even more grind? The V4 has been improved with greatly increased headroom and output on the volume control. Dirt voiced to go from warm tone enhancement to gritty tonal foundation Low-profile gain control is safely located on the side of the pedal Works especially great on bass Increased output works as a fantastic full-frequency boost Onstage, in the studio, or anywhere else No matter what electric instrument you play, we’ve outfitted the Pulp ‘N’ Peel compressor/preamp pedal with enough connectivity options to make it your go-to compressor in the studio, on your pedalboard, at home, or anywhere else. Standard ¼” instrument input and output XLR/DI balanced output for going direct to the board or interface (Try it on acoustic and bass!) Ground-lift switch avoids unwanted signal interference High-quality buffer switch allows true-bypass or buffered operation for driving long cable runs