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In 1956, drummer Marion “Chick” Evans produced the first commercially viable synthetic drumhead that also proved to be weatherproof. He subsequently founded Evans Drumheads in 1957, running the company for a few years, making the heads by hand and personally selling them to professional drum shops along the West Coast of the United States. To help run production, Chick partnered with Bob Beals, who later became the company’s owner.

In March 1995, at Musikmesse Frankfurt, John D’Addario Jr. was introduced to Beals, who wanted to retire and was looking to sell the company. The D’Addario’s saw this as an opportunity to enter a new market segment, and D’Addario acquired Evans Drumheads, moving the company’s factory from Dodge City, Kansas to Farmingdale, New York.

To improve quality, the new team developed and patented a Low Temperature Forming (LTF) system to bend and shape drumhead collars. One of D’Addario’s most significant achievements was Jim D’Addario’s idea for an overhead robotic gluing gantry to bond the drumhead film into the aluminum hoops.

In 2013, Evans Drumheads introduced Level 360, a new philosophy to each of its head ranges. A feature on all Evans drumheads, Level 360 technology aims to ensure greater contact and balance between the head and drum with a greater tonal range, allowing the playing surface of the head to sit perfectly level around the entire 360 degrees of the drum’s bearing edge. It also allows for ease of tuning and optimum quality of sound.

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