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Danelectro FAB Fuzz

Pédale de Fuzz pour guitare électrique

Danelectro D59M – D59MREDMET – Rouge Métallique



D59M Red Metallic

Danelectro’s most famous guitar, now with NOS+ pickups! A new pickup which retains the character of the original NOS pickups but with better highs, punchier mids, and solid lows. A must have for any player serious about tone.

  • Shorthorn shape
  • Scale length: 25″
  • Number of frets: 21
  • Fully adjustable wraparound bridge
  • 2 NOS+ lipstick® pickups
  • 2 stacked tone & volume controls
  • 3 way pickup selector

Danelectro Filthy Rich Tremolo – DBT1

Tremolo Pedal Danelectro® invented the thickest, deepest amplifier tremolo in the late 1940’s. Billionaire® brings back this original Danelectro® technology for the richest tremolo tones ever. One listen and this will be a prized part of your arsenal.

Danelectro Pride of Texas – DBP1

Overdrive Pedal Aces the bluesy tone of one of the greatest players ever to walk the earth. Fattens up signal without loss of clarity or voice. Adds push and fatness to single coil or humbuckers. Plenty of boost for crunch rhythm or solos. If you can take only one pedal into the studio to record your dream tune, make sure it is this one.

Danelectro Big Spender Spinning Speaker – DBK1

Rotary Modulation Pedal Best ever spinning speaker tones. Rich, lush and sparkling. Ramp switch lets you initiate next ramp move and select direction of ramp move (up or down). Even if you never liked spinning speaker effects, you’ll love this. Mesmerizing!

Danelectro Cash Cow – DBC1

Overdrive Pedal Money talks. But this Cow screams! Chunky, full-bodied chords leap from the amp with note for note clarity. From oversaturated to classic tones. Cleans up with guitar volume control. Huge low end. Bright chimey highs. It is all here. Welcome to the land of milk and honey!

Danelectro Billion Dollar Boost – DBB1

Secret weapon of A-list Irish and Brit rockers. Reissue of rare 1980's "hidden gem". Stellar boost of all frequencies, plus clean pre amp with gobs of gain. Crisp clean tone with volume set at 50% or less. Hits amp for crunchy bite with volume past 50%. You will never part with this one.

Danelectro D-5 Fab Chorus

La pédale Fab Chorus est un excellent moyen d'ajouter du caractère à votre rhythme et votre son lead. Danelectro y parvient à un prix ahurissant avec la pédale Fab Chorus!

Danelectro Tuna Melt Tremolo

Pédale de trémolo pour guitare électrique

Danelectro FAB 600 ms Delay

Pédal de delay de 600 ms pour guitare électrique

Danelectro FAB Metal

Pédale de distortion métal pour guitare électrique

Danelectro FAB Overdrive

Pédale d'overdrive pour guitare électrique

Danelectro FAB Distortion

Pédale de distortion pour guitare électrique