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Gibson GC-MC15 Memory Cable - 16' Cable & Digital Recorder


Gibson GC-MC15 Memory Cable - 16' Cable & Digital Recorder
Gibson GC-MC15 Memory Cable - 16' Cable & Digital Recorder
Gibson GC-MC15 Memory Cable - 16' Cable & Digital Recorder

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A smart cable Powered by Tascam 
Never lose a creative moment again with the inspiration insurance that only Memory Cable™ can provide. It happens all the time You’re playing guitar, and come up with an amazing song idea. Then it’s gone. And you can’t get it back. But Memory Cable™-a premium-quality instrument cable for guitar or keyboards-can capture your inspiration so you’ll never lose a brilliant creative moment again. 
A Studio quality recorder / preamp for the price of an outstanding cable
The cable’s built-in, super-compact recorder (designed by TASCAM, the undisputed leader in portable recording) saves up to 13 hours of your playing to commonly available, inexpensive Micro SD cards. And with CD-quality 44.1kHz/16-bit resolution, the audio quality is ideal for transferring over to computer-based, multitrack recording programs.  GC-MC15


Memory Cable™applications 
The when, and where of using the memory cable 
Memory Cable™ doesn’t have to be plugged into an amp—just plug into a guitar, bass, or keyboard, and start recording. 
It's a cable
Memory Cable uses premium cable for pristine sound, and doesn’t even need power to work as a conventional cable. 
Record Rehearsals 
Plug into the output of your PA mixer to record your rehearsals. 
Computer recording “insurance.” 
Patch your guitar to a computer’s audio interface through the Memory Cable™—if you forget to record-enable a track, think an earlier take was better, or the computer crashes, your performance will still be safely tucked away in the Memory Cable™. Practicing Record your playing for later analysis. Easy “re-amping.” Compared to standard re-amping solutions that often involve multiple cables, boxes, and signal splitting, the Memory Cable approach is simple and effective.

  • 8 hour battery life
  • Stores over 13 hours of audio with the included 4GB MicroSD card
  • Uncompressed recording – CD quality 44.1kHz/16 bit fidelity
  • Mac/Windows/iOS/Android compatible WAV file format
  • Ultra-simple user interface, with included reference card
  • Insulated ends minimize the chance of shocks
  • Transfer files directly from MicroSD card to computer using a card reader, MicroSD to standard adapter, even insert the MicroSD in a compatible smart phone and hook up the phone via USB
  • Recording technology from TASCAM